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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week of October 22nd

A busy week out of school, at the Antelope playground

Morissa's birthday

Platte River State Park

Roca Berry Farm

Making apple cider at Jodene's house

Week of October 9th

Happy Birthday Jada and Taj

learning to measure while making our puppet stage

September 17-21

This week we are studying Ruth and what it was like to glean.

Making pretzils

September 24-28

This week the elementary kids had a day off school so we decided to get out of town for awhile, it was suppose to rain, but instead it was a beautiful dry day. Feeding the ducks at Pioneers Park.

Got back to nature, it was beautiful every where. God is awesome.

We played some softball.

We were the first ones to try out the new playground at Pioneers Park. Even the big kids had fun trying out the new playground!!!!

Kemonterious shows the new kid in town, James how to do Bible Study. This week we are studying Ruth and her loyalty to Naomi.

Taj turns seven.

Jada decorates the driveway.

Make Music unto the Lord

This week we learned about David and how he loved to write songs, sing songs. He loved to praise God. We got into the spirit by making some of our own instruments and then having a jam session. Dez works on a little drum set made out of pvc pipe.

Savanah and Taj work on some tamborines.


We decided to continue our study on David and learn about Friendship, we made some bisquits but also learned about the ingredients of what makes a great friendship. Jonathan and David are great examples of what to look for in a friend.

mmm good.

Kemonterious Turns Eleven