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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 23-29

Our Faith Hero this week was about Rahab who was willing to change for God. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. It is a good lesson for all of that no matter how many bad things we have done we have a God who is willing to forgive us. AND He can use our lives for Him if we are willing change. This story gives our kids a lot of hope because even though they are very young they have already made some big mistakes. When they start learning about God they see their sin and have a lot of shame. Many of them think that there is no way they could be a God’s kid because they are too bad. But Rahab shows us that God is bigger than our sin and loves us unconditional.

Today I learned about Rahab. Rahab was a prostitute. There was two men knocking on the door, it was the spies, she hid them. She was willing to change for God so she did.

Today I learned about Rahab, she heard about the things God had done so she changed and believed in God. Some spies came, she knew that if the King found out that they were there that he would kill her so she hid them on her roof. Then the king’s soldiers came knocked on the door and asked have you seen God’s people. Rahab lied and said No. So then she told the spies to go to the mountain and stay for three days and then go back home.
To start off our lesson we played a game called What Would Jesus Do? It asks questions about things that happen in life and you are to pick the answer that best describes what you would do. It was really good because it opened up dialogue about things that are happening or could happen and the right way to handle them.

Jameca works on her journal

Kemonterious takes a moment to snuggle with Gidget.

Savanah takes time out to smell the roses.

Today started out like any other, we went for a little run and then we were going to work on our chores to earn some more money for our trip. After running Kemonterious found out that LaMario's brother was having a birthday party so he invited himself to the party and ditched us. We were mainly have chore day for Kemonterious because he needed chore hours. When he left we decided to go have some fun of our own. It is a lesson that happens a lot here. The kids don't consider their commitment to God, Obasi, or other activities they have signed up for. They go hour by hour picking things that seem more fun to them, forgetting about the things they have committed too. If the kids are to be successful adults they have to learn to look at their day and be responsible in falling through with what they are supposed to be doing. That when we ditch the work or committments we also miss out in the big picture and God's blessings. When you live a life of making decisions on a whim the chances of keeping a job, or keeping up with your bills,etc is nearly impossible. This summer we have been working really hard on being people of our word and commitments. Miss Brenda
We went to play a game and ran around the F street Rec track. Thanks to Icky we went to Chuck E Cheese and played games. We ate Pizza. Me, Savannah, Jameca and Tajanay took pictures and played more games.

We went to Chuck E Cheese. I went on the roller coaster. We ate pizza. We went bowling. The pizza was delicious. Then we had lots of fun. I went in the jungle gym and played with my friends. I took pictures with my friends. With my tickets I got some lip gloss.

We went to Chuck E Cheese because Icky did not follow God and go on the right path. When we got to Chuck E Cheese we ate pizza then we went and played games and found tokens and tickets. I had 126 tickets so I bought me a Chuck E Cheese mini back pack for putting money in.

Dez is trying really hard to exercise more.


and more fun.

We ran around the block then came in and did crafts. We made little butterflies. Then Mrs. B came we did puppets and worked on our new play about Chocolate Cake.

Our bead butterflies to remind us to be like Rahab and change for God.

Mrs. B and puppet class

Rehearsing our Chocolate Cake skit.


Today I had a super fun day because we went to the lake. First, we set up the tent. Then we prayed to make sure no one drowned. Then we changed into our swimm suits. Me and Icky played Frisbee. After that me and Savanah got mad at each other. Then we made up. So we went to make sand chairs. Savanah yelled snack time about 50 times so then we came and ate . We had Oreos and something else. Then we started writing in our journals.

What I did today was came to the lake and I went swimming. I swam until 3 o’clock. Then I ate snack after snack I came to journal about all the things I did yesterday and today. What I did on Tuesday was go to the rec center and used the track to run. If you do fifteen laps around you will have a mile but if you do thirty you will have 2 miles. Wednesday we went to Brenda’s house and we a craft. The craft was about a girl in Bible study that was a prostitute , then she learned about God and she turned her life around.

We went swimming at Pawnee Lake and we made chairs out of sand and we made cup holders for our chairs and we had so much fun.

Kemonterious relaxes in his sand chair

Fun in the sun

On Friday Jameca and Savanah went and helped Sister Lil dust her figurines.
Three things I want to change for God

my attitude
start smiling again and not having a grumpy face
be friends with people

Exercise more
Work on eating better
Get my hair done

Stop believing what people are saying about other people, talk to that person first.
Obey my parents
Stop lying

My attitude
My choices
Stop listening to rap music

Friday night I made a big oops. I thought the Footstock Festival was Friday night, it was Saturday. So we went and hung out out the mini car track, the girls had fun running on the track. We still had a good time getting to know each other.
Miss Brenda

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Off To Camp

Please pray for Pierrie this week as he is at a Diversity-Leadership camp. He was pretty nervous as we dropped him off Sunday. He could hardly eat or talk. I am sure by today he has made many friends and is having a blast.
Before he left we talked about taking advantage of this opportunity to grow as a person. That God uses everything to help us become who we are to be, but we have to take advantage of His gifts.


Last year at the Cornhusker State Games, Kemonterious won a silver and a bronze medal. That is when he really got the bug to run more. He also really wanted to win a gold medal. He has been practicing a lot, but in close races he tends to give up if someone passes him or it gets tough. Saturday at the games Kemonterious was entered in the 2oo meter and 1500 meter race. The 200 didn't go all that well, he kinda gave up at the end and came in 5th. So we were really wondering how he would handle the 1500, it is his better event but he is in an older group this year so he would really have to be on his game this year. We had a three hour wait so we kept pumping him up for the gold. He got out there and pretty much took the lead from the start. With three big guys close behind. Several times it looked like he was going to quit, but he managed to keep going and keep the lead. The last lap was the true test. The boys behind him made several attempts to pass, each time Kemonterious would pick up the pace enough to discourage the other boy from passing him. Finally the finish line came and he was the winner. It was a great moment all around. Not just winning the race but winning his battle over giving up.

Friday, July 20, 2007

July 16- 20

This week our Bible Hero was Moses and our Motto for the week was Believe God has a plan for your life. Our Verse was Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.We went through the whole story of Moses and highlighted all the ways God had a plan for Moses life and how he accomplished this plan. We talked about how our choices in life affect our accomplishing our purpose in life. That if we believe God has a purpose for us then we guard our lives and choices and make them count for God. When we make wrong choices we are kicking our purpose on the ground not really caring. We pray that our kids will start to understand the importance of living for God so that they can achieve their purpose in life. That they believe that they are that special to God that their lives matter. We also talked about how God sent Aaron to help Moses accomplish his purpose. That we need to pick friends that will help us accomplish our purpose rather than putting our purpose and life in danger. We had some really good conversations this week.

I learned about Moses he obeyed God when he didn’t think he could do what God wanted him to do. Moses saw a burning bush but then he heard it talk, it was God. He told Moses to take his shoes off because it was holy ground.
We played a fun game today but at first we didn’t want to because Brenda didn’t tell us how to play or the purpose.

Let me tell you about what I learned about baby Moses that his mother hid him so he wouldn’t get killed she hid him by the Nile River. Then one day the kings daughter went to the Nile River to take a bath and she found baby Moses and he was crying. Since she was the kings daughter they could not kill him so she raised him good.

Today I learned that Moses had a purpose that he was to get everyone from Egypt. Then there was a burning bush but it never burnt up it was God telling Moses go back to Egypt tell a speech and God said I’ll send your brother Aaron with you because he is good at speaking.
We played a game we have 5 clothes pins on the back of our shirts and other people have to try and get them off.

We learned about Moses that he was the person who rescued the people from Egypt. He killed an Egyptian. Pharaoh looked for Moses but never found him, then the Pharaoh died.
I started to make a basket that was something about what we learned in the story about Moses. So we weaved the basket and it took us 2 days to finish it.
July 17
Well today was my first day of Tennis camp at North Star High School. When I got there I was a little intimidated by all the other high school kids because they were really good. But when I went into the tennis courts and the coaches were really nice and she helped me with all of my techniques it was fun I got to meet new kids. The coach also said that I was very athletic and I caught on fast. She said I should try out for my high school tennis team.

July 19
Today was the lst day of tennis camp and I had a great time there learning new ways of how to control the ball and how much power to hit the ball with. I wish that tennis was longer because it was a lot of fun. I guess I have to get on the court more this summer- man it was fun. I met new people good people. Today we played a singles tournament and I came in 3rd place, Man this little kid named Robert came today for the first time hew as so good. I had a great time and tennis is the best.
One of the games we played was clothes pin tag. To drive home the need for a purpose in life I handed the kids clothes pins and a rope. Then started shouting go play, go go win the prize. They just stood there doing nothing looking confused not knowing what to do. So finally I explained the rules and the purpose of the game. Then we had lots of fun and it set up our lesson on Moses.

At the end of the day we played a fun water game. Two teams, a basket full of water and sponges. Each team tries to soak up a lot of water in their sponge and take it to some milk jugs...

...then squeeze the sponges trying to get the water into the jugs. The first team to fill up there jug saves Moses from a wet basket.

For craft we made woven baskets. When weaving it helps to have your tongue sticking out slightly.

Baskets take a lot of time and patience to make but....

they turned out beautiful.

For snack Moses in a Basket. You take a waffle cone bowel, fill it with any flavor of ice cream cover with that chocolate syrup that hardens that is his body. Then a scoop of chocolate for his head. Sprinkles for hair, pretzels for hands, some eyes and mouth. And there he is Oh so cute and delicious.
Today we played a game about our purpose. We went running with steve. He said I was really good.
Yesterday we made a puppet play, then we practices. I was the Mom, Taj was the teacher and Shae and Savanah were sisters. Then for snack we made Baby Moses in a basket.

Let me tell you what I learned today about puppets. How to use my hands the right way and not to put the head up when you talk for the puppets. The we made some baskets about Moses but we are not all done yet. We went to Steves to run with him and his daughter Jackie.

I met a new person. Her name is Jackie. I met her at running. At first I was scared and shy. I ran and I was slow and she came back for me since I was slow. Jackie helps me get skinnier.
Today I learned my verse. I know it now I can get my little basket for my hat.
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for your future says the Lord.

Our last game of the week. To bring home the idea of living out our purpose. I had each of the kids name something they wanted to be or do with their life. I put it on a card and put it at the top of some stairs. Then I made out about 12 cards for each kids. They started at the bottom of the stairs, each card had either good choices they have been making lately so they could go up the steps toward their purpose. Some of the cards had some bad choices they had been making and so then they would have to go down stairs. None of them reached their goal, the object of the game was to help the kids see that our choices even as kids affects our purpose for our life.

Taking time to enjoy the view at the sunken gardens. We finally got a break from the 100 degree weather and it was beautiful.

The Luis Palau Omaha Heartland Festival

On our way to Omaha Nebraska leaving from Lincoln, the first thing we saw was the BMX.I was scared when the boy did the back flip on his bike. Out on the skateboards I like the one that split in half. I loved the motorcycles because how fast it was going. It was going so fast It felt like I blew my head off. Me and Savanah shared the umbrella with this boy because he was pouring out sweat. And one of the bikers popped his tire from all his cool tricks. Then when all that was over we went to the car to eat some snacks then we went and got some tattoos but from all that sweat the tattoos came off of our arms. Then we went to crafts and made some crosses and some bracelets. This is what the colors meant- yellow means he loves us, green means that he is powerful, red means how much blood he shared with us and died for us. Then Jodene brought us some snow cones and we played some games and I son all together 9. I played crazy big mouth and much more. Then we got our face painted. I got a crown that said Jesus. I got a flower pot. After all that we listened to Mandisa and Toby Mac then we left.

On Saturday the 14th, I went to Omaha Nebraska with Jodene and Janet and Dez. We got tattoos and watched the bmx when the motorcycles were doing back flips I thought they were going to kill themselves. We watched skateboarders and one broke his board. We listened to Mandessa. We also made necklaces and bracelets. It was blazing hot and this one boy was sweating so much so we went back and shared our umbrella with him so he had shade and so he was not hot. For dinner we ate at Cracker Barrel in Omaha, they have a store there too. Their food was awesome.

Go here to see a picture of us in the Sun.

And The Winner Is....

Kemonterious wins the Lincoln 1 mile run and the Bike drawing!

Last Sunday I was so happy and excited because I was getting ready for my race. I was going to a one mile race downtown. When I first started with a short pace then I got close to the end I passed the person and I got in first place and I won the race. And 10 people came to watch me run. Then I got to win a free $200 bike.

This is Kemonterious' second time in a row to win the Lincoln run in his age group.


This week we had speech and debate camp. I'm having fun with all the speech kids. We even got some new kids this week. Oh and today I got surprised. I lettered in Speech. It is so great. How cool!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Week of July 9-15

This week we studied Joseph, Joseph believed that God would deliver him so he never gave up.
Our verse for the week was 2 Timothy 4:18 -Yes, and the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly Kingdom. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Believing that God has your back, so you should never give up is a message we have been trying to teach the kids for years now. It is a hard concept for most of our kids to get. Living lives full of difficult situations and broken promises doesn’t lend itself to a life of trust or continuing to try when things just keep staying hard. Looking at Joseph’s life was a great way to drive home this lesson, he was hated by his brothers, lied about, sold, put in prison, forgotten, the list goes on. Our kids were able to relate to many of his dilemmas. The best part about Joseph’s life is that he never gave up on God and God never gave up on Joseph. God kept all His promises to Joseph and we are learning that He keeps His promises to us too.
Tajanay came back this week after moving to Vegas with her Mom for about six months. We sure are glad to have her back.
Doing some chores around the house, Jemeca cleans out the garbage can waters the flowers, Pierrie trims the rose bush which had gone wild, it looked really nice after. Pierrie sure is becoming a professional at lawn and plant care.

Shae spruces up the porch.

Kemonterious and Jada give the picnic table a good scrubbing.

Each week we have some kind of life lesson to drive home our spiritual lesson. This week we had an intense obstacle course the kids thought we were keeping track of their times and scores when actually we were keeping track of how many times they didn't give up when they could have. Here Pierrie is in the rope obstacle course through the picnic table. He was clipped to the rope and had to follow it around. He tried so hard it was very difficult, he was sweating and breathless but he never gave up.

Another part of the obstacle course was the hula hoop, here Jada learns really fast how to swing her hips.
Today we did an obstacle course and the first thing I did was work on the horse shoes, it took me a long time, then I did the hula hoop and the untying of the knot.

All tied in Knots. Savanah's patience gets tested in this untying the knot course.

Jameca has a laugh when she falls off of her scooter during the scooter obstacle course.
I have to say that all the kids did a great job not giving up. In some of the courses they tried things over at least 40 times and kept on going. Now we just need to put that attitude into real life where it is so much easier to give up on themselves and others.

We made a visit to the pet store and saw some cute rabbits.


The kids had the most fun driving Gidget and Hailey around in miniature shopping carts.

Morissa helps Dez get the knots out of her string so she could make a Joseph bracelet.

Chaney was a big help with Tajanay and her bracelet.

Kemonterious winds his string around his leather piece.

Our bracelets when they were done. They are beautiful, they are to remind us of the life of Joseph and to never give up.

More produce from our garden, carrots and onions.

Bowling for Sean's birthday.
Today I watered the plants and went bowling. I got third place in both games. Then we came back to Brenda's house so that we could celebrate Sean's birthday. We had chocolate cake and ice cream. That was so good.

Cake with Sean.
I'm happy I'm back. I'm happy to be here to see all my friends. We celebrated Sean's birthday. I haven't seen him for a lon, long time. I like to see him.
We went bowling. We get to toll the ball. I got a STRIKE. I was happy. I like to be here all day. Sean is nice about everything he did. He was happy to see me.
I liked Sean's birthday cake and ice cream. It was good. That's all

Our heroes of the week were Jada and Pierrie for not giving up this week, through the many trials. They were great examples for all of us.