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Monday, April 30, 2007

Gone Fishin

Miss Brenda said were going fishing so we went to her house and got the worms. We had this big worm as big as my first finger. It was red at the top of it's head. With this worm we put it on the hook then we threw it in the water. I caught a fish then we threw it back in the water. Then I caught another fish, it looked like it was coming apart. ( It was the gills, the kids thought something was wrong with the fish). Then Margo the dog was trying to eat it.

When I was on my way fishing we first went to get the fishing tool box and the we got the poles. We sent to McDonalds to get lunch. Then we were on our way to fish. When we got there we sat down with a blue blanket on the ground. Then we were getting ready to fish. We threw the poles into the water and I caught four fish.

Hershey Track Meet

We love our new track uniforms. The kids did an awesome job doing the uniforms justice. When you have a verse on your back you really got to live it. Especially when they are lime green and you can see every move from every spot in the stadium. They were great sports, very positive and excited. We even had track officials come up and compliment the kids and staff on their positive behavior. The kids came home with five 1st place ribbons and a fourth place ribbon. They all qualified for the state meet in Grand Island in June. They all broke their personal bests. We are so proud of them not only for their winnings for the way they lived out the body of Christ.
Miss Brenda

On Saturday I got up for the big race. The track meet is called the Hershey track meet. We were getting ready and I went to race first, I did the 800 meter first and I got first place. Then Alexis came to run she got first place too. Then Shae came in first too. After that I ran again and got first in the 200 meter. Alexis got fourth. Shae got first. People were cheering us on.

Let me tell you about the Hershey track meet. At first I was really nervous then I got scared but once I started to run I was cool. When I was done I felt like I was going to pass out. Then it came to my second race. It was half a lap. This girl started before me and I sprinted and passed her up. I was happy and tired that was the day my dream came true.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so nervous to run the race," I told Jodene. Then she said, "Oh don't be nervous." Then we went to Brenda's house and packed. We went to the Hershey track meet. We all stretched out to get ready. Then butterflies came in my stomach. Then we ran. They called out the 800 meter and the boys and girls ran together. When they started the reace this girl got in front of me then she got so slow I got to pass her. Now I know I can run the farther distants. I got first for the girls and Kemonterious got first for the boys. Then I ran the 200 and I got 4th place.

The Obasi Cheer Team
On Saturday I went and watched Alexis, Icky and Shae run at the track meet. At the race I cheered for them and I also took care of Hayley and Gidget. I fed them and gave them water and shade. It was fun watching them run, I can't wait until the Mayor's run so I can run too.

After the meet we went and had some lunch on the University Campus, it was beautiful.

Planting Flowers

I helped Brenda plant floweres. They were yellow and red. We planted them in pots and put them on the steps.When we got finished it was beautiful, but the difficult part was I was flicking mud out ot the pots.

Dez helps too.

Friday, April 27, 2007

On The Run

"Let us run with Endurance the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1

This is what is embroidered on the back of our new Team Obasi running T-Shirts.
On Saturday Alexis, Shae, Kemonterious and LaMario will be wearing these shirts because they haved worked really hard at running here at Obasi.
Alexis, Shae, Kemonterious and LaMario will be running at the Hershey Track meet this Saturday and also on May 5th in the Mayor's Run alon with Savanah and Teijah. So please be praying for them to do their best and as well as for their safety.

Happy Birthday Miss Brenda

Kemonterious grills burgers and hot dogs

The kids set the table and helped with the rest of the food

Kemonterious serves Sean

On Tuesday the words, "What I like about you Miss Brenda" rang throughout the house. Some of the things that were said about Brenda were: "Thanks for being here for us," and "Thanks for letting us come to Obasi and for loving us."
As we celebrated her birthday, I can say that we all had a great time at the party. We ate hotdogs, hamburgers and chips.
We also played games and we had a great time talking about tall the things going on in our lives too.
Jodene was a big part in planning the party, so I would like to thank Jodene for making everything work out.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Lesson Learned

On Thursday I picked up Savanah and Dez from school. We had a little time before we had to pick of the other kids so we decided to head to the library to get some books for tutoring. We have been to the library several times, usually the kids beg to get as many books as they can. While we were picking up books I noticed that 8 year old Savanah, our best finance class student, only had two books. So I asked, Savanah why do you only have two books.
She said, " I am only going to get two books, they are just too expensive."
I said, "Oh, but we are at the library, books don't cost us at the library."
She said, " Well if we aren't buying them, does that mean we are renting them?"
I said, " Well sort of, we don't actually have to give them money for the books to read them, we only give the library money if we bring them back late or lose them."

I just love that she is applying the lessons she is learning to real life, and that she is asking questions.

Building For The Future.

Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name. And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Hebrews 12:15-16

We are so grateful to God for providing a place for us to be. To be learners, to be brothers and sisters in Christ, to be a body, to be at home, to be creative, to be sad, to be real, to be carpenters, to be gardeners, to caregivers, the list goes on.
I love having Obasi in my home. The kids learn so much about real life being in a home setting. Sitting down together for snack and meals, celebrating mile stones together, praying together, learning together, working together and yes even crying together.
This home gives us opportunities we wouldn't have in another place. If we expect the kids to graduate high school, go on to college, get a great job and become a home owner then we need to prepare them for that future. The kids are learning how to take care of a home from their time at Obasi. Most of them move around a lot so they don't understand the maintenance on a house. So we believe it is our job to prepare them for that, by showing them the expenses of owning and fixing a home, how to do the yard work, and how to fix some of the broken things themselves. This will give them so many more skills and prepare them so that buying and taking care of a home isn't so overwhelming. This week with the beautiful weather we were able to get out and start some of those up keep projects. We wanted to put some lattice and a gate on the deck, so the dogs would have a safe place to hang out when we are outdoors. And we wanted to get the yard looking good and get the garden planted.


Pierrie attaches the lattice and now wants his own cordless drill.

LaMario gets the wood ready.

Kemonterious nails a stablizing board to the side of the deck. And hammers any lose nail.

Jodene and LaMario cut the wood for the door.

The AFTER. They were very proud of themselves. The next day when the tutors came they had to give them each a tour of the deck.

The under 10 pound crowd wasn't quite as impressed. They much rather be running in the grass. But I love it. I am so proud of the hard work the kids put into this and the pride they had after it was done.

Gardening and Lawn Care

We clear the garden spot.

Jodene starts tilling.

Alexis plants some beans.

Pierrie trims up the rose bushes.

Kemonterious gets his first lawn mowing lesson.
It was fun to get back into the garden. For some of the kids it was their first time planting a garden. Shae was so excited, she started talking about all the vegetables and what they were going to taste like, how much fun it was going to watch them grow. She went on what a great day it was and how she was so glad that Alexis was over the Chicken pox she that she didn't miss it. It was fun for me to hear her talk about the future and looking forward to something. Now the question everyday is, did anything grow yet?

Thoughts On Driving

Just a few weeks ago a young lady died from a motor vehicle accident. She attended my school, Lincoln High.
This summer I will be taking Drivers ED and will have my Drivers license at the end of the class. My feelings on getting my drivers license is a tug of war, I do want to get it but then again I don’t. There have been so many accidents this month and it’s hard to think about driving. When I begin to drive, I hope that I will be able to be a safe driver for all you out on the road. Watch out because I am coming.

Last Sunday

Last Sunday was a chicken pox Sunday. Alexis and Teijah came over so Grandma could go to work. Jodene took the rest of the kids to church. We decided it was a good day to give Gidget a bath and a haircut. Both the girls love animals and are so caring. Gidget is ok with taking baths but was a little nervous. Teijah kept reassuring her that it was ok. It's ok Gidget when we get done you will still look like Gidget. It was so sweet.

Teijah was right after her bath and haircut Gidget still looked like Gidget.

Alexis gives Sophie some love. Sophie gets very jealous when Gidg, gets all the attention.

Alexis read Teijah a devotion on a female athlete who trusted God to get to the Olympics.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Chicken Pox

Polka dots are back in !!!

Gidget hangs out with Alexis as she catches up on her homework.

Oh my goodness I have the chicken pox.
I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and I saw there was bumps on my face on my back, my arms and my neck. Man I felt like screaming.

But I couldn’t because they itched so bad I had to scratch them so I did. I felt like I had a bad case of stripes but instead of stripes I it was a bad case of bumps or should I say chicken pox. I guess it was the day for chicken pox.

Well it was one of those days of t.v. with the thermometer in my mouth and the ice pack on my head while I was in bed.

Oh great I thought I have to stay at home and grandma’s going to miss work for a while. Oh no I thought what is she going to do, is she going to get mad at me. But she didn’t get mad she took good care of me. Today Miss Brenda is taking me to her house so I can rest, catch up on my homework and so Grandma can go to work.

I can’t wait to go back to school, I miss it so much.

Wednesday Crafts

Kemonterious works on a lion write board and LaMario works on a wooden dragonfly.

Shae and Savanah work on masks.

Teijah and Jodene work on a kangaroo.

Thank You God

What I have learned about God is that He is our Father and He sent His son to die for our sins. Because he is perfect and if He didn't die for our sin we would all go to hell. I am happy that He died for our sins because now we can go to heaven.
Thank you God for being there when I needed You, because my life is great.
Thank you God.


I Love Him.

I am thankful that Jesus died for us. He was willing to be beaten and suffer the consequences for our sins. He wore thorns on His head, he was whipped and stabbed with a spear and a lot more things. All just for us and He still loves us. I will always love Him for ever and ever.


Track Practice

When we were running today, I sprinted the whole way. It was hard to the run but I did it my best. I like to do the right thing.
God is Great.
Did you know that?

Dear God

God you are my God.
You are the strongest, most powerful person I ever thought of. You should have been the chosen one. I am thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. God you are the best in my life and I thank you for giving me the strength to wake up and for letting me got to school to learn and got to Obasi and learn about you. You should let the others know that you are the God of all children in the world. Jesus you rose from the dead and we are forgiven in Christ. I didn't like when you were whipped. I liked when you came on the donkey to Jerusalem.

Savanah's thoughts on God

God is our Father, He is the light int the sun, He is the morning light. He loves us dearly. God wants us to follow his path not Satans.
Easter is not all about Easter bunnies and other stuff.
A red jelly bean stands for his blood.
Pink for the new tomorrow.
The Black, brown, white and yellow is for the children he made.

Hipped Hopped to South Dakota

Over Easter break I got to go to South Dakota, it was so much fun. On the way there it took forever to get there and it was a little scary because it started to snow. There was a lot of cars in the ditches. We saw lots of deer and turkeys on the way too.

When we got there we stayed at the Barefoot Lodge up in Deadwood-Lead South Dakota. Then we went swimming in the pool. It snowed for 2 and half days so we stayed inside for those 2 days. It was so cold.

We also went and saw Jewel Cave, the 2nd longest cave in the world. It was so awesome. We went over 200 feet down into the earth, it was so cool to see all the forms and things in the cave. We had such a great time there.

On Easter Sunday we went sliding on the ski slope. It was tons of fun. We went super fast.

I had a lot of fun on our trip and hope that I can go there again someday. I want to thank the Mach Family for taking me with them on their Easter Trip.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kemonterious' Easter

Running in the country

For Easter we went to Miss Brenda’s parents house and when I got there I was shocked because their house was huge and I saw horses and chickens and a dog. Then I went exploring with Payton and Ande. They are Brenda’s nephew and niece. After that we went to run up and down a hill. I ran 5.1 miles.
A very nice man named Jimmy brought over a mini bike and asked us if we wanted to ride it. It was battery powered. We had a great time. Then I went into the hay loft and played. A little later we found a way to get out a different way. That night I slept on the couch and fell off. I ate good pancakes and they were delicious. Then we went and I saw the Oregon Trail. We went back and we found a fort in an abandoned barn. The next day went to the cemetery and we saw a long high bridge for walking on. Then we spotted a wild turkey and snuck up on him. We got 50 yards up close to him. At the cemetery we were looking at fun stories and I saw a person’s stone was born in 1810 and he was in World War 2.
I went to church and I was watching how the preacher preaches.
I will never forget the days I lived in a house on a farm.

Alexis' Easter

Decorating Eggs

Hunting for Easter Eggs.

Finally we were there, at Brenda’s Mom and Dad’s house. When we got there Ande and Payton showed me around the house. Then when they showed me outside I was so surprised because they had 4 horses. After that we went in the hay loft. That night we watched the movie Charlotte’s web. We went to bed and when I went upstairs I saw all of the room there was a pink, green and white bed rooms. I felt like I was in a mansion.
The next morning when we got up we had the best breakfast ever, it was pancakes and bacon. When we were done we had a little time to play Nintendo, we got the new game Shrek, Crashin and Smashin racing game. After that we played cops and robbers outside.
The next day Jimmy S. brought over his mini bike so we could ride it. When he came with it I was so excited.
That night we watched the movie Happy Feet. There was a lot of laughing from the movie. Once it was over we went to bed. The next morning we got dressed and played a lot. Then we went to church. When church was over we got ready to go home but first we had lunch. I thought we should come to Grandma and Grandpa’s everyday and have a lot of fun.

Teijah's Easter

Dyeing eggs with Andy.

Reading Grandma a story.

Teijah, the dog lover gives Penny some love.

Learning about Woodpeckers with Barb.

Teijah found Grandpa's funny hat and Barbs boots and gave us a fashion show.

Brenda drove us to her Mom and Dad’s house. We had a fun coloring eggs and doing a Easter Egg Hunt. We also went to a cemetery and saw some turkeys. I also loved sleeping. We went running twice and ran a mile twice. There was a man named Jimmy who brought the mini bike over. Me and Kemonterious rode it and it was very fun. Grandpa was teasing me about my dog. We saw a lot of birds and woodpeckers. Grand- ma made a very, very good supper for us. Barb was there and she read a good night story to me.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I am off to my folks with my niece, nephew, Kemonterious, Alexis and Teijah. Pierrie is with the Mach's in South Dakota. Jodene is supposed to be relaxing and hopefully the rest of the kids are with their families.
Have a great weekend we have much to celebrate!
He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying.
And they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy and ran to report it to His disciples.
Matthew 28: 6,8
He is risen !!!!!!

Miss Brenda

Easter Celebration

Kemonterious reads scripture to the group for the next clue.

Shae searches the tree for eggs.

LaMario explains what thorns have to do with Easter.

Today to celebrate Easter we had a scripture egg scavenger hunt. We looked for numbered eggs that had scripture in them and then we had to hunt for items that reminded us of what happened to Christ at Easter. After we had all our items, the group took turns telling each other what each item had to do with Jesus and Easter.
I loved how Teijah described the cross. The cross is where Jesus died for our sins. He gave His body so that we could believe in Him and have a new body. A body where we all work together as a team.”
And LaMario who in the middle of the story of Jesus dying on the cross, raises his hand and said, “You mean Jesus knew that all this bad stuff was going to happen to him and he did it anyway. That’s amazing, I would have never done that. I would have gotten out of there." It was amazing to see him get a glimpse of the vast love God has for us.