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Saturday, August 4, 2007

July 30- Aug 4th


This week our Faith Hero was Samson. Our motto was Willing to learn from your mistakes. Our verse: Psalms 145:14 The Lord sustains all who fall. And raises up all who are bowed down.

Samson was a little different for us to study this week. He started out living his life for God but then started to disobeying God and doing things his own way. He went to a blessed life to a chaotic life. He lived a long period where God didn't matter to him and he was played by a lot of people. At the end of his life he again relies on God for one last good deed. From this lesson we really wanted our kids to learn two things. One learn from your mistakes but also to see that Samson had so much potential as the strongest man. He did do some great things for God but he wasted a lot of his life when he ignored God and followed people. He eventually learned from his mistakes and came back to God, but he wasted a lot of his life. What more could have Samson done for God. We talked about how we don't want to be known as Samson's and what could have been. We don't want to waste our lives.

At one point this week the kids really opened up and shared some of their secrets. There were a lot of tears and hugs. We pray that there will be more moments of the kids being honest with each other.

What I learned from Samson this week is how he kept making the same mistake over and over again. I have that same problem. I guess I like to prejudge situations a lot and it is hard for me not to. Like this week someone asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with them. I didn’t want to go I thought it was going to be uncomfortable, boring and weird. But I went and I had a really great time, we talked about a lot of things, it was so much fun, so I learned to not prejudge people and situations.

I learned that Samson had long hair. Samson broke the rules that God told him. He attacked a lion with his bare hands. He went to look a that lion and he saw bee’s and honey on the dead body, he took some honey for him and his parents, they ate it , it was wrong for him to eat from unclean meat. And he married Delilah a Philistine; she asked him what made him strong. He lied, but then he said if my hair is cut that is my weakness. Then he slept on her lap and she had men come and cut his hair.

I learned that Samson had long hair and he never cut his hair because God told him not too. Cutting his hair was his weakness. So he obeyed God and so he didn’t cut his hair.
He married me married a girl named Delilah he fell in love with her and married her 7 days later. Then one day she asked him a question , what is your weakness. At first Samson told her a lie. She asked again and he told another lie. She kept asking and finally he told the truth. If I cut off my hair I will be weak.
Then she got his enemies and told his secret. So then that night he fell asleep on her lap. The rulers came in and cut his hair. Then Samson woke up and found out his hair was cut.

What I learned about Samson is that he was the strongest person and his hair was his strength. When he was a baby, God told his mother he couldn’t eat or drink dirty things, or cut his hair. He killed a thousand people in Philistine because they were trying to attack the Israelights. Then a girl named Delilah she was his enemy and she married him. She kept asking him where his strength came from.

We made homemade ice cream. We used it has an object lesson for changing and staying close to God. We used the ice to represent God, the salt Jesus and the inside paddle the Holy Spirit. The ice cream mix represents our heart. We also learned that change takes work on our part also. Cranking and more salt.

More cranking and salt.

Is it done yet?

MMM, it was worth the work and wait.

The vans Alternator went bad so Jodene shows us how to fix it.

Dez really got into the whole process, joining in, loosening bolts and getting her hands greasy. She was so proud of herself.

In witht the new Alternator. And the best part the van was up and running again.
Today I had so much fun because we went to the Children’s museum. We got to go to the play bank, I got $55 and I put it back in the bank. Then I got into the fire truck but first I put on the jacket and hat but not the boots. Then we did a show for Jodene, we wang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, then the Itsey Bitsey Spider. Then we did face painting.

Constuctions worker Jada

Pizza anyone.

Babies are doing well.

We love the Children's Museum it helps our kids to learn about and dream about new careers and lives.


Wednesday for Crafts we made Samson pots. We painted a face on a pot , filled it with soil and grass seed.

Soon Samson will have beautiful hair.

Laura came for snack. We made Jiggler Samson's face.

Jada and Samson.

Today we went back to camp Oasis but we didn’t work this time. We had fun. When we got there all the other kids were doing the slip and slide but we didn’t have our suits so we went and did the paddle boats. We had a great time we were splashing each other because there were 2 boats. We had fun. Then we went and did the obstacle course, it was a team thing so we had to help everyone get up or thorough or around the obstacle. Then all the other kids did the slip and slide in their clothes. I wasn’t about to get my jeans all wet but we had a great time.

Today I had so much fun because we went to Camp Oasis. The first thing that we did was go on the paddleboats, first we put on our life jackets. Then we got in the boats and Miss Brenda told us to take off our shoes, so we did. Then we tried to catch Pierie, Jada, Icky, Taz and Payton. Then the big girls switched spots. We went back to the deck and took our life jackets off. Then we went and did the Slip and Slide.

We played at the camp. We rode in the paddle boat and we got on the slip and slide. I met Bailey, Ande and Payton. We played cartoon tag and Uncle Sam.
Over the wall...
through the spider web without touching rope and going through every hole.

Balance beam.

Slip sliding away.

On the way home we stopped at Laura's house and met the goats.

The dogs and the chickens.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back From Camp

We took a teenager to camp....

And brought home a young man. He looked different, he talked different. I had to check several times to make sure it was really Pierrie. Miss Brenda

Today was my 1st day back at Obasi. I was at Camp INCLUCITY for a week. I had so much fun and learned so much about life and how to live. It was so great, I made life long friends. And now I’m able see people for who they really are. Man it was so much fun. The week was based on different ISM’s. Ageism- Faithism- Adeism- Sexism-Hetrosexism- Classism- Apperism and Racism. Each day we talked about one of these topics and it was really hard. We talked about how it was ok for guys to cry. All the guys went upstairs and we talked. It was neat to see a kid there I knew since 4th grade really open up and he wanted to get to know me. I couldn’t stand this kid before but now I see him as a person a friend, it was weird. At camp it was fun making hew friends it was weird because everyone was so open to everyone else and really wanted to get to know each other. When we got there there was a poster on the wall that said “COME AS A STRANGER, LEAVE AS ONE and that is what we did, we left as one big family. I wish everyone could go to this camp vecsue the world would be a better place. We talked about so many things tht I can’t seem to write them all down. But I would like to let you know that I’m working on a poem call “Inclucity.”

New Friends.