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Friday, August 3, 2007

Back From Camp

We took a teenager to camp....

And brought home a young man. He looked different, he talked different. I had to check several times to make sure it was really Pierrie. Miss Brenda

Today was my 1st day back at Obasi. I was at Camp INCLUCITY for a week. I had so much fun and learned so much about life and how to live. It was so great, I made life long friends. And now I’m able see people for who they really are. Man it was so much fun. The week was based on different ISM’s. Ageism- Faithism- Adeism- Sexism-Hetrosexism- Classism- Apperism and Racism. Each day we talked about one of these topics and it was really hard. We talked about how it was ok for guys to cry. All the guys went upstairs and we talked. It was neat to see a kid there I knew since 4th grade really open up and he wanted to get to know me. I couldn’t stand this kid before but now I see him as a person a friend, it was weird. At camp it was fun making hew friends it was weird because everyone was so open to everyone else and really wanted to get to know each other. When we got there there was a poster on the wall that said “COME AS A STRANGER, LEAVE AS ONE and that is what we did, we left as one big family. I wish everyone could go to this camp vecsue the world would be a better place. We talked about so many things tht I can’t seem to write them all down. But I would like to let you know that I’m working on a poem call “Inclucity.”

New Friends.


Anonymous said...

hey i was delagate from inclucity,
i learn alot like u did. it was nice to share ur experience with with the world