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Monday, May 7, 2007

Talk To The HAND.

Savanah and Kemonterious practice their lines and hand movements.

Sunday- Kemonterious and Savanah came over and I had a surprise for them. The Little Blue Church donated their puppets to us. A lot of puppets!!!!!! We are going to be doing a lot with them this summer. We are so grateful for their kindness, this is going to save us a lot of money and work making our own. I thought it might be kinda of fun to get a couple of kids started on the puppets rather than try to teach them all at the same time. I found a great puppet skit on the internet that talks about Hebrews 12:1, a verse we have been studying.

Kemonterious and Savanah were so excited to see the puppets. They each picked out their favorites and named them. Savanah named hers Anna and Kemonterious named his Dontavian. They practiced for about an hour, they found out moving the puppets mouth at the right time is very tricky and that talking to another hand like it is another person takes a lot of practice.

On Monday they will be surprising the rest of the kids with their skit. I am really excited, I told them it was their turn to be evangelists.