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Thursday, May 17, 2007


We have radishes...

And weeds!!!!!!
What I learned on doing the garden is you have to pick out the weeds. I found out that the weeds are darker than the plants. When you use the hoe you have to use the left tip of the hoe to get the weeds out. When the soil gets up the weeds won’t come back in. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree that was one of our consequences-weeds. The good thing that God made gardens so that we can eat vegetables and we can put them on our other foods.

What I learned about today is that when you garden you have to hoe and pick up the plants that are trying to make the other plants die. Gardening is really fun. Sometimes when you take the plant out it’s like your taking out Satan. Plants are really fun to create. You can plant a lot of things. Maybe you should try to plant some seeds or make your own garden.

I learned that weeds are like sin and they are killing the plant so that’s why we had to pull out the weeds, so it would not kill the good plant and they grow so fast and so big they take up all the water. The reason that a garden is a good because it saves your money and gas.

When Miss Brenda announced that the girls were going to plant a garden all the girls yelled, YAH! When we headed outside I got so excited to do planting. But what I learned about planting is that you have to kill the weeds. When you take the weeds out it’s like taking Satan out of your life and having only God in your life. When we were all done we looked at the tomatoes and it felt like God was growing bigger and bigger in my heart just like the tomatoes were growing big and strong. A garden is a big responsibility, remember to always check your plants that they don’t have any sinning plants.