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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 23-29

Our Faith Hero this week was about Rahab who was willing to change for God. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. It is a good lesson for all of that no matter how many bad things we have done we have a God who is willing to forgive us. AND He can use our lives for Him if we are willing change. This story gives our kids a lot of hope because even though they are very young they have already made some big mistakes. When they start learning about God they see their sin and have a lot of shame. Many of them think that there is no way they could be a God’s kid because they are too bad. But Rahab shows us that God is bigger than our sin and loves us unconditional.

Today I learned about Rahab. Rahab was a prostitute. There was two men knocking on the door, it was the spies, she hid them. She was willing to change for God so she did.

Today I learned about Rahab, she heard about the things God had done so she changed and believed in God. Some spies came, she knew that if the King found out that they were there that he would kill her so she hid them on her roof. Then the king’s soldiers came knocked on the door and asked have you seen God’s people. Rahab lied and said No. So then she told the spies to go to the mountain and stay for three days and then go back home.
To start off our lesson we played a game called What Would Jesus Do? It asks questions about things that happen in life and you are to pick the answer that best describes what you would do. It was really good because it opened up dialogue about things that are happening or could happen and the right way to handle them.

Jameca works on her journal

Kemonterious takes a moment to snuggle with Gidget.

Savanah takes time out to smell the roses.

Today started out like any other, we went for a little run and then we were going to work on our chores to earn some more money for our trip. After running Kemonterious found out that LaMario's brother was having a birthday party so he invited himself to the party and ditched us. We were mainly have chore day for Kemonterious because he needed chore hours. When he left we decided to go have some fun of our own. It is a lesson that happens a lot here. The kids don't consider their commitment to God, Obasi, or other activities they have signed up for. They go hour by hour picking things that seem more fun to them, forgetting about the things they have committed too. If the kids are to be successful adults they have to learn to look at their day and be responsible in falling through with what they are supposed to be doing. That when we ditch the work or committments we also miss out in the big picture and God's blessings. When you live a life of making decisions on a whim the chances of keeping a job, or keeping up with your bills,etc is nearly impossible. This summer we have been working really hard on being people of our word and commitments. Miss Brenda
We went to play a game and ran around the F street Rec track. Thanks to Icky we went to Chuck E Cheese and played games. We ate Pizza. Me, Savannah, Jameca and Tajanay took pictures and played more games.

We went to Chuck E Cheese. I went on the roller coaster. We ate pizza. We went bowling. The pizza was delicious. Then we had lots of fun. I went in the jungle gym and played with my friends. I took pictures with my friends. With my tickets I got some lip gloss.

We went to Chuck E Cheese because Icky did not follow God and go on the right path. When we got to Chuck E Cheese we ate pizza then we went and played games and found tokens and tickets. I had 126 tickets so I bought me a Chuck E Cheese mini back pack for putting money in.

Dez is trying really hard to exercise more.


and more fun.

We ran around the block then came in and did crafts. We made little butterflies. Then Mrs. B came we did puppets and worked on our new play about Chocolate Cake.

Our bead butterflies to remind us to be like Rahab and change for God.

Mrs. B and puppet class

Rehearsing our Chocolate Cake skit.


Today I had a super fun day because we went to the lake. First, we set up the tent. Then we prayed to make sure no one drowned. Then we changed into our swimm suits. Me and Icky played Frisbee. After that me and Savanah got mad at each other. Then we made up. So we went to make sand chairs. Savanah yelled snack time about 50 times so then we came and ate . We had Oreos and something else. Then we started writing in our journals.

What I did today was came to the lake and I went swimming. I swam until 3 o’clock. Then I ate snack after snack I came to journal about all the things I did yesterday and today. What I did on Tuesday was go to the rec center and used the track to run. If you do fifteen laps around you will have a mile but if you do thirty you will have 2 miles. Wednesday we went to Brenda’s house and we a craft. The craft was about a girl in Bible study that was a prostitute , then she learned about God and she turned her life around.

We went swimming at Pawnee Lake and we made chairs out of sand and we made cup holders for our chairs and we had so much fun.

Kemonterious relaxes in his sand chair

Fun in the sun

On Friday Jameca and Savanah went and helped Sister Lil dust her figurines.
Three things I want to change for God

my attitude
start smiling again and not having a grumpy face
be friends with people

Exercise more
Work on eating better
Get my hair done

Stop believing what people are saying about other people, talk to that person first.
Obey my parents
Stop lying

My attitude
My choices
Stop listening to rap music

Friday night I made a big oops. I thought the Footstock Festival was Friday night, it was Saturday. So we went and hung out out the mini car track, the girls had fun running on the track. We still had a good time getting to know each other.
Miss Brenda