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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our First Day of Summer

Our day started off really early with a really big OOPS. I thought track camp was at 7 a.m., in years past it had been in the morning, turns out it was 7 p.m. The kids really good though they all were up and ready to go, and oh so excited to run. Miss Brenda

Well today we had a blast kicking off our first day of Summer here at Obasi. We came out to Camp Oasis to help them clean out some rooms. Man, did they have a lot of stuff, but we had fun.
First, when we got there we met Mike, Katey, and Becca. They showed us what to d o. Some stuff was really heavy. Me and Payton were having fun carrying this big box thing. Pushing it back and forth trying to make each other fall.
After we moved all the stuff out of the building named Collin Hall, Mike took us out to play a game. There wasn’t a name for the game but we made a big circle and a person was in the middle and one or two people were outside of the circle trying to break into the circle trying too touch the person in the middle of the circle. It was a pretty fun game.
Then after we played the game we carried some benches out. Me, LaMario and Icky sanded them smooth so that Icky, LaMario, and Dez could paint them, they did a really good job. When they were painting everyone else was helping put in edging in the ground. Then we had some snack and listened to Miss Brenda’s ipod, she got some new speakers so we could listen to Nicole C. Mullen while we worked.
Then finally we moved over to the volleyball court and got to pick some weeds. Man, there were a lot of weeds in there we got them all and it took us maybe 45 minutes. Then when we got back to the van Miss Brenda showed us how to fill out our weekly report card and we got in the van for the ride home and wrote in our journals.

What I did today was moved chairs, lamps, tables and more. The next thing I did was took a break and then I went to the volleyball field and racked. I also dug up holes then once I was done I went back to the buildings and Miss Brenda showed us what we were going to do for the Summer. We are also coming back tomorrow and I can’t wait. Also the boys and Dez painted the chairs and the tables. Icky was about to sit on the table until Miss Brenda reminded him that the table was painted.

When we went to camp we painted benches and tables then we went to the volleyball court it was made out of sand then we had to pick up weeds and we learned our verses and earned 10 green beads and one colored bead. Then we left to go home and wrote in our notebooks. Oh and while we were there we cleaned out the dorms and played a game because Mike had to leave.Savanah

Lamario moving stuff

Shae and Savanah move stuff

Playing a game, which I call an intense version of Red Rover Red Rover.

Sanding benches

Painting benches

OOPs Number 2 I forgot the spoons on the counter at home, so we had a no hands pudding eating contest.

Removing dirt from the sidewalk edge so we could put in some edging.

So to be weed free volleyball court

Ride back to Lincoln

Back to Track Camp. It ended up being a 15 hour day for some of us. But all in all it was a great day. I was really proud of the kids for all their team work thoroughout the day with no grumbling and whining. They were awesome.


Curt Sell said...

Wow! I got tired just looking at the pictures of you guys! I'm going to take a nap now!!!!! haha

Looks like you guys had a great time and are looking forward to more. Now, get some rest!