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Friday, June 20, 2008

June 16-June 20

Monday-Yard work and Bible Study-

This week our verse is Beatitude number 2- Blessed are the mournful for they will be comforted. We talked about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and when we sin or do something wrong it is like slapping God in the face. It hurts Him and He isn’t pleased with our behavior.

At the beginning of Bible Study we try and do a little hands on lesson to drive home the lesson- This week a cup of water, a egg in the shell- we wrote our sins on the egg which represented our sin. We put the egg in the water and it sank. Sin weighs us down, makes us feel bad, and keeps us from enjoying life. We took the egg out of the water and each took a teaspoon of salt into the water while doing that we asked for forgiveness of a sin we had committed that day. When everyone had put in their salt and forgiven we put the egg back in and it floated. When we are truly sorry for our sins, God forgives us and comforts us, giving us back our joy making our hearts lighter. The kids loved.
We do the little hands on lesson about every week and they get to the point where they are suspicious of everything we do, are you trying to teach us something. It can be quite funny.

My favorite moment this week was with my little friend Kaedyn. Kaedyn is almost six, full of energy, non stop talker and is pretty sure he knows everything about everything. On Thursdays he spends the morning with a baby sitter instead of his Dad. His Mom tells me he gives the babysitter a hard time. So when he got to my house I asked him if he was nice for the sitter. He said yes. I said are you sure, your Mom says that you give her a hard time. He says, Oh man my Mom called you today. I will be better for you. Then he sits down on the swing and looks down and says in almost a whisper. I slapped God again, didn’t I?
It was everything I could do not to laugh, but I looked at him and said yes you did. You really have to be nice to people.

For yard work we split into three groups- garden weeders, mowers and lawn furniture clean up.

Anthony and Taj clean up the lawn furniture

James learns to mow

Savanah diligently pulls weeds.

Tuesday- Games and a Visit from Chad Jenkins who shared his trip to Africa with us.
We prayed for Chad on while he was on his trip to Africa so it was good for the kids to get to see his pictures and hear his stories. The kids asked a lot of great questions. Thank you Chad for sharing your journey with us.

James takes his turn doing the Bible Verse dash.

Savanna tries her hand at the bee game. Different parts of the body were worth points, everyone got three rocks to try to get points.

We do a lot of sprinting to get rid of some of our energy.

Wednesday- A trip to Hobby Lobby to find some kind of craft that we could make to send with Morissa who leaves for a missions trip to Mexico. This summer we really want the kids to think outside of Obasi to community needs, state needs, U.S. needs and other countries. We are praying for hearts that become compassionate for the lost and hurting and we hope to train by the next servants for Christ. WE are so blessed in that we are given so much by so many. We decided to take a portion of that money and come up with some ways we could pass on the blessing. At Hobby Lobby, we found a few hacky sacks and crafts Morissa can do with the kids, but we also found a few crafts that we made ourselves for Morissa to give as little gifts. We made book markers, braided bracelets and beaded bracelets. The kids gave up 1 and ½ afternoons of playtime to work on the bracelets. We had many dropped beads, many OH’s and many start overs, but for the most part they were really excited to be making something for someone else. Pray for Morissa she leaves on the June 20th and won’t be back for 10 days. We will miss her.

Savanah and Kaedyn putting together book markers.
Dez and Savanah were our big helpers this week. They really stepped it up with Kaedyn and encouraged him to do the right thing. I was really impressed to see how hard Savanah worked to keep him focused, she really wanted him to have a good week so that he could go to Chuck E. Cheese with us. It was so rewarding to watch.

Cortesia braids bracelets.

Thursday- More bracelets and then off to Chuck E. Cheese for Chaney’s Birthday Party. We are trying to teach the kids to get your work done first and then play. They worked hard this week on many actitivies, but then we really enjoyed Chaney’s Birthday. We gave all our won tickets to Chaney so he could buy a cook birthday gift with them. Everyone was pretty generous except for one child who soon gave but with tight fingers.

Again what a blessed week had. It is so much fun to see the kids growing.

The kids show off all their work and gifts for the Mexico kids.

Some of our cool bracelets. A lot of them at crosses, soccer balls and Jesus on them.

Chaney enjoys his party.

Sisters Mary and Savanna enjoy spending time together at Chuckies.

Our boys racing.

Kaedyn had a blast on the wave runner. His squeals of joy could be heard throughout Chuckies or Chucks as he likes to put it.
Friday-just got a call from Kemonterious, he said he is moving in on Monday. Jodene and the boys got his bed put together yesterday, and today Cortesia and I got on new sheets and bedding. The window air conditioner goes in tomorrow, and I start taking my vitamins so that I can keep up with him.

Also got a call today from Bright Lights, they had some scholarship kids cancel so were wondering if we wanted to send Kemonterious and James to Bright Lights in July, they were asking us because they knew we would be responsibly in getting them there.
I take that as a huge compliment. We try so hard to teach the kids to be responsible and people of their words, and then the blessings will flow. And they do.