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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kid's Writings with Mrs. B

Here are some of the writings the kids wrote on Wednesday.

By Cortesia-11
Meak is not Weak-
Meak is honest and believing in God.
God loves us like a child, He doesn't want us to be wild.
Gentle is what God wants me to be.
I'm God's child please don't harm me.
When I was mourning I was sorry for my sins
And really won't come back to that girl again.

by Dez age 12
Meek is not weak,
Meek is kind not rewind.
It is fine not whine.
It is holy not moly.
It is docile and the gospel.
Follow your not the worl's decision.
God decides when you die,
Why lie about life when you can love like a dove.

By Kemonterious age 11 ( this comes from living away from Obasi and Nebraska for a couple of months)

God Will Try

Have you ever felt like you're homesick for God because of all the sins you 're doing
or when you choke because you smoke?
And when you cry,
you ask God to give you the strength to try.
So whatever you do, don't stop trying
because there's only one man that will tell you to don't GIVE UP.
Ask God to pick yp your wings and fly.