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Monday, June 9, 2008

June 2nd- June 8th First Week of Summer

Our Summer has started out awesome, I can't imagining it getting much better.Monday's are Bible Study, cooking and gardening day. We managed to get the garden planted between rains, I don't know if anything is going to grow, it was quite the ordeal, but we had a lot of fun trying. Our first Bible lesson was on the Matthew 5:3- Blessed are the Poor In Spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. The lesson went very well we studied how we search for things to make us happy, sometimes they make us happy for a little while but then we end up wanting more. We learned that we are all poor in spirit- we all need Jesus, only He can give us true happiness. The kids were a little confused, we have been studying parables the months before, so they kept looking for a really deep meaning. So we had to keep telling them it just means we need Jesus, they would look at us and say that is all it means- we already knew that. Chaney came over and helped us make some amazing honey covered apples.

Morissa helps Kaedyn plant beans.

Jada tries out our honey caramel apples. They were a big hit. Thank you Chaney. This is my dog Gidget at the end of the first day she was ready for a nap.

Tuesday is Bee day! We are learning about the honey bee. There are so many life lessons on community, working, taking care of each other etc. We learned some facts about bees and then went bug hunting.

Looking for bugs, we found this awesome tree at Trago Park.

Wednesday is craft day. We made some cool honeycomb print visors and some fingerprint bee thank you cards. It was a lot of fun.

Athony rides the pony at the Children's Museum
Thursday we went to the Children's Museum and then to Wendy's for snack. We ended the day with awards and saying our verses. They did really well.
Smiley girls in the fire truck

Who said the Children's Museum is just for children. Jodene tries out this sweet ride.

Morissa sets up shop at the face painting station, I think she painted faces for about an hour.

Kaedyn and Jodene take an adventure on the moon.

A cool snack at Wendy's.

Friday Cortesia came over to practice her dance she is doing for church Sunday. It is to the song One Touch by Nicole C Mullens- It was a lot of work but Cortesia is so talented she really makes each movement look like a butterfly.Sunday it was youth sunday at church and the Obasi kids sang two songs, gave the welcome and then Cortesia danced. Pastor Jessie gave the message on the woman with the issue of blood to go along with Cortesia's dance. We were so excited because Cortesia's mom came to church for the first time and has never seen Cortesia dance. Half way through the dance Cortesia's mom and many others had tears flowing down their faces. It was so amazing.After church I took Cortesia and Dezhanay to camp. Their first time staying overnight at a camp for a whole week. They are going to Camp OK, they both got scholarships from the Cornhusker Kiwanis. They were really nervous when I dropped them off but I am sure they are going to have a great time.

Obasi kids lead worship at church.

Sunday I dropped off two very nervous but excited girls at camp, and Savanah begged to stay, but I reminded her that if she does everything that she is suppose to at Obasi, she gets to go next year.
Thank you for your prayers, God is doing some amazing things. We have 3 new kids this summer and they are just learning about God, so please pray for them.

Miss Brenda