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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2nd Day at Oasis Camp

Well today was our last day of helping at Camp Oasis. We had a great time cleaning up again. We spent most of the day inside , we were in a different dorm building cleaning in the bathrooms. Man were they Nasty. I was cleaning this shower , there were spiders and mice poop in them. NASTY!!! Katie told me to clean the shower curtain, that thing had a big spider on it, I left that room.
The shower wasn’t getting to clean so Jodene went and got this Mr. Clean Eraser for the shower it was AWESOME. It worked so good. Miss Brenda was cleaning the shower and she said it was like night and day. Katie tried it too and they she wanted to know how they made them, so she could make them too.
Then it was time to say good-bye to Katie and Becca.

Today I was cleaning out the shower, moving furniture and sweeping. I learned that when you help each other you get done faster. It’s fun helping each other. I helped Ande with the trash, Icky with his job and I helped Bailey mop.

Today we did a lot of cleaning… when we were all done I went and looked at all the rooms, I made a joke that room #5 was mine., it was so clean and almost empty. I hope I can come here for camp someday and I hope that we can go to Katie and Becca’s camp,(Timberlake Ranch Camp). I am so glad that they helped us if they didn’t we would still be on the camp cleaning.

Today was awesome, I learned that cleaning is not about just cleaning it is about having fun. Today I cleaned the shower, vacuumed the floors, and took the bed racks to another room. Pierrie loved the magic eraser. Today was better than yesterday, not because we had less things to do. It is I had a Blast of Fun! Jodene, Bailey and Ande helped us clean but it seemed that Jodene did all the hard work. Becca and Katie helped us and the great thing is they are sweet. Becca helped me and Savannah with the bed rack’s. The rough part is having to say good-bye to them. I loved hanging out with them they are awesome. But I wish that we wouldn’t have to leave them.

When we were sweeping I couldn’t keep doing it, but I got to clean the showers. Jodene left to get some Mister magic erasers but I didn’t get to use one but Pierrie got tot, he said they clean like magic just like it says on the box.
It was hard saying good-bye to Katie and Becca so I kept giving them hugs because it was just too hard to leave them. Katie is 17teen and Becca is 18teen.

What I learned today was that when you others with things they get done quicker. Today what I did was went into a different dorm. I went into the other restroom where the other Obasi kids were cleaning at. So I swept in the bathroom and I vacuumed each room on the right and Dez vacuumed each room on the left. After that I helped Jodene with the conference room. There used to be carpet but they tore it off. So that’s why there was a lot of dirt on the floor. There were three people, me, Jodene and Shae sweeping. And we got the job done.Kemonterious
Miss Brenda's Niece cleans a toilet
Pierrie mops

Moving couches

Good bye to Becca and Katie