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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who Is Your Hero?

This summer our theme is “Be A Hero of Faith.” Each week we will be learning about a Hero of Faith from the Bible. We will be learning about the obstacles each person overcame through their faith in God to become a Hero of Faith. The goal is for each of us to learn that we all have trials even the people in the Bible but through our faith in God we can be an over comer and a Hero of Faith. Our verse this week is Hebrews 11:6, Without faith it is impossible to please God. We talked about why we should want to please God, how to please God and why sometimes it’s not our priority to please God. This week we are also learning what it means to be a hero and thinking about who we look up to. We learned that we become who we look up to, so it is important to pick our heroes wisely. At the end of our lesson we were given an assignment to write a little about our hero or write God a letter thanking Him for putting that person in our lives. This is what the kids came up with. Some of the words are spelled incorrectly; I left them the way the kids wrote them because I think they made up some of their own words to describe how they feel.

Dear God ,
Thank you for putting my mom into my life. She has been wonderful. She puts a roof over my head, she helps me with my homework. She doesn’t push me into stuff I don’t want to do. She gets to work on time. She’s a waitress at Virginia’s Café. She goes as fast as she can. My mom stays at work until 8:30.
God please help my Mom keep her job so we have a roof over our heads and she will make a lot of money. Yesterday me and my brother Ty were home and we went over to the café and she bought us some food and one table didn’t leave her any money and I felt bad because she has done so much the first day of work. This is her 2nd day. Amen.


Dear God,
Thank you for making Brenda. She is the most greatfulest person in my life. And I thank you for letting her be a part of my life. I picked her for my hero because without her my life would be terrified with smoking, stealing, fighting and thinking that I will not never go to heaven. But that all changed because I learn more about you God in church and many other places too. And I don’t care how bad my cousins want me to be I don’t want to be that way. And pop music that’s not a Christian thing that’s more like a using bad language thing. And this is how I feel.


Mom, she’s my hero because she cares for me and that she will do anything in the world for me. I’m really glad God put her in my life and I’m glad He made her because He made her just for me and for my family. Mom means so much to me and she means so much to God. I love my mom so much I sill do anything in the world for her and she would anything in the world for me. My mom is the only person I can look up to and I can look up to Jesus . God thanks for mom looking out for me and her being there for me and for being in my life because if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be here. So mom thank you for everything you do for me because I really appreciate it. Your work , your kindness, and your careness and your sweetness. Oh and thanks for bringing me into the world and thanks Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins.

I am thankful for my mom because she loves me and she is nice. I can look up to her and she cares about me. I would be very sad if I were to lose my mom. I am glad God sent me an angel that I can call Mom, because mom means the whole world to me and I don’t care about how mad I get at her I will always love her. Every since I was born mom has been saving me.

The persons who are my heroes are Steve Osenbaugh and Steve Mach. They are my heroes because they stand up for what they believe in and they are good men of the Word. Another reason why these men are my heroes is because they know how to take care of their families and how to be a good leader of their households.
They also go to church and are Godly men and they know how God really is. The reason why these men are my heroes is because they are so in love with God. Thes men are smart and I hope that I could be like them someday.
Dear God thank you for bringing these men into my life and that you can help them help me make great decisions and I could love you as much as they do. Thank you for all you have done for me and thank you for loving me.

Dear God, thank you for my hero. I am very glad to be able to have my Granny as one on my heroes. She is the best . She helps me from time to time to learn how to help others and to build a great relationship with You. I love her and will always look up to her as a teacher. She is a great leader and a respectful follower. She loves you and she never wants me to let You go. God thank you for every special person You gave to teach me.
Marissa( Marissa has come back for a couple of days before moving to Mississippi)