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Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday is our day off at Obasi, because so much is going on the other 6 days we need a day for down time. However today, Pierrie needed a ride to work at 7:15 a.m. and LaMario, Shae, Kemonterious and Marissa decided they needed a day of track training. Shae and Kemonterious have a big meet next week so we really need to intensify the practices. It was the first day of it being really hot, so it was a tough workout, but the kids tried so hard.

This week has been amazing! A lot of the time I feel really guilty for having only 6 or 7 kids, we usually have 10 or 11, I know numbers will change soon, when Teijah and Alexis come back the numbers will go way up again, so we don’t want to get more kids than what we can handle. Anyway I can really see God doing a huge thing in the kids with only 6. It gives us so much more individual time to see who they are. Life slows down more with less kids because you don’t feel like are you are juggling so much. It is easier to see the successes and not focus so much on the failures.

Before this week, because of all the kids we have lost to moving, foster care, the streets, I have felt myself really guarding my heart, because each time you lose a kid it feels like you lose piece of your heart. This week being with the kids even more up close and personal I can’t help but feel my heart open up and smile again. They really are amazing. I love reading their journals. After we studied what it means to be a hero, and how we can be a hero, the last question in the journal for this week was…. I think ___________ looks up to me as a hero and that makes me feel _____________________. Kemonterious wrote I think Miss Brenda looks up to me as a hero and that makes me feel happy.
My heart smiled when I read that. I would have never thought that is how he would have answered it, but it makes me feel good that he feels that I look at him like that. He is the youngest in a large family and is kind of invisible at times. What an awesome responsibility to help a child believe that you look up to him as a hero, to make him believe in himself and his talents that much. It really makes me think and makes me look at my job more seriously.
So while the summer numbers aren't exactly the way I pictured it, I am reminded again that God does know what He is doing. That the kids that we do have know have been in the program for some time and were here for all the drama of all the other kids leaving plus their own daily drama, so some intense individual time is exactly what we all need to mend our hearts. Again God is so good to us.