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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 25th and 26th Happenings

The week started with Kemonterious coming over to mow the lawn, I had downloaded some music for him on a MP3 player so he could listen to it while he mowed. I worked on the garden while he mowed so I could keep an eye on him. I didn't want him hurting himself. A while into the mowing I heard this noice something like a coyote howl and a scream. I immediately thought oh no he is hurt. I looked over and he was just singing his heart out, trying to hit a high note to one of the kids praise songs. I couldn't help but laugh, he was so involved in the song he didn't even see me. He did a pretty good job mowing I do have a couple of mohawk grass strips in a couple of areas but I think it makes a new fashion statement.
Miss Brenda

To infinity and beyond.
A fun thing I did was sign up for Bright Lights and I chose bottle rockets. It was the best thing I had ever done in my life. It’s fun because you can learn about them and you can have a chance to make your own rocket. I’m done with the rockets. I just have to make the launcher and shoot my bottle rocket off. This program will go on until Friday. But on Thursday the launcher will be complete. But to finish that you have to put water in the bottle rocket so that it can shoot far in the air. And you can still shoot it even thought it doesn’t have water. But water will help it go far. You put air pressure at the tip top and put weight on it so it can land straight down.

Dominique, Jada and Iyisha whip up some Rice Krispie bars for snack.

Washing the van. Who knew it's white!

I washed the van and I got soaking wet. The kids were pushing a button on the water hose and squirting at the other kids. It felt good-cause it was so hot. I sweated to death.
Other people laughed at Noah but he was right. He made an ark and he got on the ark, with his wife, sons and their wives.. All the other people died because they didn’t think that it was going to flood. I am coming to Obasi. I like the fun stuff. I like both the puppies. I have new friends-everybody is my friend.

Today we learned and talked about Noah and the Ark. After we dug up the old wood chips in the front flower bed. Man it was so hot out side I felt like I was at work all over again. After we got that done we washed the van, I had a great time we were getting each other wet. We got Miss Brenda wet on accident. Man that was funny, it’s like the 3rd time this whole summer I accidentally got her wet.
June 26th
Well today I got up for work and it was ok. Then we went to Brenda’s and the Bright Light kids left and then we did our verse for the week.
We went and saw Evan Almighty it was a really good movie because we are studying about Noah this week and the movie was a lot like the story but not on all the key points. It was really funny at times. People made fun of him because he was building an ark. And in the beginning he said he wanted to change the world. You should obey God. In the movie he obeyed God even when it didn’t make sense to him.
Everyday I whine about going to camp, but then I realize that it’s not me paying, it’s the Obasi people, so I just want to thank them for everything they do for me. I’m glad I got to go to cooking camp with Savanah and Dez. They have been nice to me . I liked being in their group and making French toast with them. We worked as a team. That made me feel proud. Because if now someone notices they can look up to us. I had those two days at cooking camp, I like meeting new people like Conner, Miss Kathy and the other kids.

Yesterday at cooking class we made smoothies. I put strawberries, berries, a banana, some ice cream and milk in mine. Then I blended it. The I got to drink it. OOOOOOOO, it had rubber in it. We blended the rubber ring of the blender in with the smoothie stuff!
I also made a tortilla. We used cream cheese, cheese and salsa, mixed that together then I took a knife and spread it on my tortilla. I then had to roll it up. We made two of them. When we were done we had to put them in the refrigerator. After it cooled we cut our tortilla and finally got to eat it. Um, Um, Um good!
Today we mad mini pizzas, I took a muffin, put sauce on it, then cheese and 3 pepperonis. I baked it in the oven for 10 minutes and when it was finished I took it out and it was awesome when I ate it. I also made French toast and ate it too.

Today I had Fun because we went to the movie and heard a little bit about God. Now I know that there are a lot more animals than I thought. Now I know that Noah is a good person because he listened to God and built a big boat.
I know that obeying God means when He tell you to do something, you do it. It’s like when your conscience tells you not to eat the cookie just like your mom told you not to, then you don’t. But if she tell you to, you do.

This week I learned to obey God even when it doesn’t make sense! Today I had a blast at the movies! We saw Evan Almighty. It was about a man who was asked by God to build and ark to save him and his family from a flood. I also washed Miss Brenda’s van yesterday. But really I’ve just been hangin out at Miss Brenda’s and having fun!

I’m in Bright Lights and I Can Camp this week. At I Can Camp Icky and Mrs. Bretz are there too. What we did is we played first and then I ate dinner. Then we went up stairs and talked about Noah and sang songs about God. And we went back down stairs and drew. We left to do yoga with Mrs. Bretz. Then we went outside to play a game. We learned that Noah did not flinch when God asked him to build an ark. So we played this game somebody throws a ball at us and we see if we can catch it. We had a race. I CAN CAMP is Awesome!
I loved the movie, when it was done I really had a new appreciation for Noah's faith. God was so faithful to him in keeping His promise. The movie shows how big the ark was, and how incredible hard it was to build. The movie stresses that it's a love story not a story of vengence and punishment. A whole new perspective to God's love for us. I couldn't help but falling deeper in love with God when it was done. He truly is Awesome. It is a great family film and really helped our kids bring home the story of Noah.
Miss Brenda