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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Sunday

Ma'Shai and Savanah arrive at camp

Savanah makes a new friend in the Kiwanian, he was very sweet and heard Savanah talking to him all the way across the field.

Savanah's bed for the week.

Ma'Shai's bed for the week.

It was a very busy day to say the least, watching three girls before church, picking up kids for church, church, walking a parent through difficult times, off to camp, and then back to Lincoln for Pierrie's Graduation.

Now breathe.....

After church we got a text from my friend Denise who is on the Bike Ride Across Nebraska-her text said please pray it is very windy and cold. So we jumped in the car and Alexis led us in prayer for Denise. It was cute and the rest of the kids were excited to be praying for her.
The ride home from church was special, one of the kids parents went to church with us today, she is going though some tough stuff and just kept singing all the way home. She is a very shy person, but today she was a little different trying so hard. She kept singing over and over, "we fall down, we get up," It was off tune but she really was singing from her heart and she didn't care what it sounded like, she just felt it and it brought her comfort.

Off to camp the girls, were very excited but very nervous and quiet. I am sure by tonight they have made friends and are having a blast. At 3:10 we left Gretna to get to Pierrie's graduation at 4:00. At 4:10 we walked into Pershing, or should I say I tripped into Pershing. That's right, my berks caught on a raised square of sidewalk and in front of millions of Graduate goers I rolled all over the sidewalk. Messing up my bad knee and hurting my wrist. It hurt so bad I didn't even have a chance to feel embarrassed. I got up and walked into Pershing, I am glad Alexis was with me she was my cane for the rest of the afternoon.
The graduation went well, we didn't get close enough to really see Pierrie, but we heard his name and felt his relief.
On the ride home as my knee was swelling up, I couldn't help but hear the words, We fall down, we get up, over and over in my head. I couldn't help but laugh.
Then I got a surprise phone call from my Denise, she told me she had an awesome day, and thanks for praying cause it was really helping. On her trip she saw two signs one about Jesus in the side of a hill. And in a little town she past a store called Lord's furniture. She said God is really good. Keep praying for her and the girls at camp.