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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Third Week of Summer-BreastPlates of Righteousness

This week went by rather fast, we had a smaller group with kids visiting their Dads and three kids at Bright Lights.
This week's Bible Study was harder to get for the kids. I discovered that the kids look at the armor as a gift from God, but don't really understand that gift needs to be used. They look at it as protection from hurt, evil and Satan, but don't really understand that each piece of armor comes with an responsibility and an action. For instance God is truth and gives us the Belt of truth to keep us from falling for Satan's lies. In turn we are to be reading the word to know truth and we are to be truthful.
Righteousness is a little harder to explain-It is having a right relationship with God, doing the right thing and being without sin. Since we do sin, once we become a believer we are covered by Jesus' righteousness. The kids understand that God protects their heart with the breastplate of righteousness. But we went over righteousness a million different ways and the importance of being right with God, doing right by God and doing the right thing.
But basically I think that as usual I learned more than the kids.
It is hard to believe that summer is a third over. It is going so fast and already we have a life time of memories.

Kaedyn works on drawing a picture of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so that we can have righteousness through Christ.

James and Adriyanna read and explain a scripture that talks about Abraham and his faith.

What are you giving God? Your leftovers or your best. I asked the kids if they were a knight giving a gift to the king which ice cream cone would you give the king and which would you keep for yourself. I love asking James these questions, because he is always honest and then as he is saying the answer he realizes he is doing the wrong thing. He picked the best cone for himself.

Tajanay works on her breastplate of righteousness.

TADA- our breastplates of righteousness.

James roller skating.
My week by James.
This week we learned about the Breastplate of Righteousness. Abraham kept believing in God so he had a lot of sons. When we don't do the right thing or listen to God our armor gets holes in it which makes the armor get weak. We learned we need to do the right thing.
We made breastplates this week.
We learned some new songs- I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N, I Stand for you and give me Jesus and I'm in the Lord's Army.
We got to go skating.

If these skates could talk. They look like they have been through a lot of adventures.
Ma'Shai and Teijah attended Bright Lights, fashion class this week. They had a really good time designing items to wear and show on the runway.

Savanah attended Bright Lights Clay Craziness Class. She made some really cute things and had a really good time.

Savanah's clay picture frame.

On Friday after Bright Lights we went out for ice cream, it was fun getting to know Ma'Shai's mom.