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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lucky Seven Race

The race was a great experience for all of us. We learned a lot.

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Miss Brenda 3 favorite moments:
Moment One- On Friday night the kids came over for a slumber party so that I could get them to bed and up early for our race. That night we did some sprints. I had seven kids racing and was having them split into groups of 2 to sprint. That left Teijah without a partner and she was looking rather sad. Adriyanna her 6 year old sister looked at her and said, It's ok Teijah, God is running beside you! It just came out of the blue, a wonderful little gem of innocence, beauty and truth.

Moment two- On the way to the race I had four kids in my car and I was telling them that I didn't know what the course looked like and that there may be a hill in the course, (they all gasped), but don't let it worry you or psych you out, because all the other kids are going to think oh no and get tired and slow down on the hill, don't tell yourself you can't do it or it is too hard, this is where you can beat the other kids and when you get to the top of the hill you will get to run down hill and get some new energy. James starts to panic and ask questions about hills. Then Teijah pops in, Miss Brenda may I give an example. I said sure, go for it.
She says, Well I think the mountain is like hard things in our life and the voice telling us to quit is Satan cause he doesn't want us to win. Is that right Miss Brenda- I almost fell out of the car, every Mom, Dad, mentor, teacher, pastor prays for a moment like this when the things you have been teaching your kids finally hits them and they get it. I said that is right Teijah, and God wants us to keep going through the hard stuff and get to the top of the hill so we can see over the other side and enjoy the down hill and the better times with Him. But we miss out if we don't climb the hill.

Moment three- James has no confidence, it has taken months to get him to run, and just in the last week he has started to believe in himself and train hard, his times are coming down. I told him to start out the race slow, he was so sure he was going to win the race. I told him to stay behind Alexis because she knows how to pace the race. Sure enough the gun goes off and James takes off like a rocket, with the boys taking off after him ( the were supposed to stay close to him). I am yelling you are going to fast you are going to fast. But away they went. At the end of the race James ended up totally pooped and did come in Fifth, but he really wanted a big Medal like Alexis and Jevon's for finishing 2nd and 3rd. So on the way home I asked him what he had learned from the race. He said start out slower and tie your shoes tight! I looked at him funny and said tie your shoes tight? He said yeah I was running and my shoe went flying off my foot and rolled down a hill, so I had to run down the hill get my shoe, put it on and get back in the race. We all had a good laugh over that. There were no hills in the race for the other kids, but James did get his hill and he didn't quit.

I was really proud of all our kids they were good sports and finished the race as hard as they could.