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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tutor End of the School Year Picnic

We started off our picnic with some games. It took several attempts to get the lifesaver down the line of toothpicks, but it was good for several laughs and tested our perseverance.

The three legged race was exciting and very competitive......

And also at times very funny!

There are many techniques for doing the egg race. Elizabeth likes to stick her tongue out and walk fast, James on the other hand just likes to run for it, the egg didn't always make it there with him, but he went for it every time.

After all the racing fun, the kids each got a turn to thank their tutors for all their hard work during the year. James and his buddy Chad.

Meribeth and Savanah

Elizabeth and Alexis

Bailey and Ma'Shai

Jodene and Jevon
Then we had some great food and celebrated our two birthday girls with some cake. Alexis turns 13 and Kathy gets younger everyday.

And Adriyanna is happy because she can finally give Kathy her gift.
Thank you so much to all our tutors. You helped us improve our spelling scores, our reading comprehension, and our understanding of math. But the most inportant thing you are great role models. Showing us unconditional love, patience and grace. We love you all.