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Monday, April 30, 2007

Hershey Track Meet

We love our new track uniforms. The kids did an awesome job doing the uniforms justice. When you have a verse on your back you really got to live it. Especially when they are lime green and you can see every move from every spot in the stadium. They were great sports, very positive and excited. We even had track officials come up and compliment the kids and staff on their positive behavior. The kids came home with five 1st place ribbons and a fourth place ribbon. They all qualified for the state meet in Grand Island in June. They all broke their personal bests. We are so proud of them not only for their winnings for the way they lived out the body of Christ.
Miss Brenda

On Saturday I got up for the big race. The track meet is called the Hershey track meet. We were getting ready and I went to race first, I did the 800 meter first and I got first place. Then Alexis came to run she got first place too. Then Shae came in first too. After that I ran again and got first in the 200 meter. Alexis got fourth. Shae got first. People were cheering us on.

Let me tell you about the Hershey track meet. At first I was really nervous then I got scared but once I started to run I was cool. When I was done I felt like I was going to pass out. Then it came to my second race. It was half a lap. This girl started before me and I sprinted and passed her up. I was happy and tired that was the day my dream came true.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so nervous to run the race," I told Jodene. Then she said, "Oh don't be nervous." Then we went to Brenda's house and packed. We went to the Hershey track meet. We all stretched out to get ready. Then butterflies came in my stomach. Then we ran. They called out the 800 meter and the boys and girls ran together. When they started the reace this girl got in front of me then she got so slow I got to pass her. Now I know I can run the farther distants. I got first for the girls and Kemonterious got first for the boys. Then I ran the 200 and I got 4th place.

The Obasi Cheer Team
On Saturday I went and watched Alexis, Icky and Shae run at the track meet. At the race I cheered for them and I also took care of Hayley and Gidget. I fed them and gave them water and shade. It was fun watching them run, I can't wait until the Mayor's run so I can run too.

After the meet we went and had some lunch on the University Campus, it was beautiful.