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Monday, April 30, 2007

Gone Fishin

Miss Brenda said were going fishing so we went to her house and got the worms. We had this big worm as big as my first finger. It was red at the top of it's head. With this worm we put it on the hook then we threw it in the water. I caught a fish then we threw it back in the water. Then I caught another fish, it looked like it was coming apart. ( It was the gills, the kids thought something was wrong with the fish). Then Margo the dog was trying to eat it.

When I was on my way fishing we first went to get the fishing tool box and the we got the poles. We sent to McDonalds to get lunch. Then we were on our way to fish. When we got there we sat down with a blue blanket on the ground. Then we were getting ready to fish. We threw the poles into the water and I caught four fish.