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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Easter Celebration

Kemonterious reads scripture to the group for the next clue.

Shae searches the tree for eggs.

LaMario explains what thorns have to do with Easter.

Today to celebrate Easter we had a scripture egg scavenger hunt. We looked for numbered eggs that had scripture in them and then we had to hunt for items that reminded us of what happened to Christ at Easter. After we had all our items, the group took turns telling each other what each item had to do with Jesus and Easter.
I loved how Teijah described the cross. The cross is where Jesus died for our sins. He gave His body so that we could believe in Him and have a new body. A body where we all work together as a team.”
And LaMario who in the middle of the story of Jesus dying on the cross, raises his hand and said, “You mean Jesus knew that all this bad stuff was going to happen to him and he did it anyway. That’s amazing, I would have never done that. I would have gotten out of there." It was amazing to see him get a glimpse of the vast love God has for us.