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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 25th and 26th Happenings

The week started with Kemonterious coming over to mow the lawn, I had downloaded some music for him on a MP3 player so he could listen to it while he mowed. I worked on the garden while he mowed so I could keep an eye on him. I didn't want him hurting himself. A while into the mowing I heard this noice something like a coyote howl and a scream. I immediately thought oh no he is hurt. I looked over and he was just singing his heart out, trying to hit a high note to one of the kids praise songs. I couldn't help but laugh, he was so involved in the song he didn't even see me. He did a pretty good job mowing I do have a couple of mohawk grass strips in a couple of areas but I think it makes a new fashion statement.
Miss Brenda

To infinity and beyond.
A fun thing I did was sign up for Bright Lights and I chose bottle rockets. It was the best thing I had ever done in my life. It’s fun because you can learn about them and you can have a chance to make your own rocket. I’m done with the rockets. I just have to make the launcher and shoot my bottle rocket off. This program will go on until Friday. But on Thursday the launcher will be complete. But to finish that you have to put water in the bottle rocket so that it can shoot far in the air. And you can still shoot it even thought it doesn’t have water. But water will help it go far. You put air pressure at the tip top and put weight on it so it can land straight down.

Dominique, Jada and Iyisha whip up some Rice Krispie bars for snack.

Washing the van. Who knew it's white!

I washed the van and I got soaking wet. The kids were pushing a button on the water hose and squirting at the other kids. It felt good-cause it was so hot. I sweated to death.
Other people laughed at Noah but he was right. He made an ark and he got on the ark, with his wife, sons and their wives.. All the other people died because they didn’t think that it was going to flood. I am coming to Obasi. I like the fun stuff. I like both the puppies. I have new friends-everybody is my friend.

Today we learned and talked about Noah and the Ark. After we dug up the old wood chips in the front flower bed. Man it was so hot out side I felt like I was at work all over again. After we got that done we washed the van, I had a great time we were getting each other wet. We got Miss Brenda wet on accident. Man that was funny, it’s like the 3rd time this whole summer I accidentally got her wet.
June 26th
Well today I got up for work and it was ok. Then we went to Brenda’s and the Bright Light kids left and then we did our verse for the week.
We went and saw Evan Almighty it was a really good movie because we are studying about Noah this week and the movie was a lot like the story but not on all the key points. It was really funny at times. People made fun of him because he was building an ark. And in the beginning he said he wanted to change the world. You should obey God. In the movie he obeyed God even when it didn’t make sense to him.
Everyday I whine about going to camp, but then I realize that it’s not me paying, it’s the Obasi people, so I just want to thank them for everything they do for me. I’m glad I got to go to cooking camp with Savanah and Dez. They have been nice to me . I liked being in their group and making French toast with them. We worked as a team. That made me feel proud. Because if now someone notices they can look up to us. I had those two days at cooking camp, I like meeting new people like Conner, Miss Kathy and the other kids.

Yesterday at cooking class we made smoothies. I put strawberries, berries, a banana, some ice cream and milk in mine. Then I blended it. The I got to drink it. OOOOOOOO, it had rubber in it. We blended the rubber ring of the blender in with the smoothie stuff!
I also made a tortilla. We used cream cheese, cheese and salsa, mixed that together then I took a knife and spread it on my tortilla. I then had to roll it up. We made two of them. When we were done we had to put them in the refrigerator. After it cooled we cut our tortilla and finally got to eat it. Um, Um, Um good!
Today we mad mini pizzas, I took a muffin, put sauce on it, then cheese and 3 pepperonis. I baked it in the oven for 10 minutes and when it was finished I took it out and it was awesome when I ate it. I also made French toast and ate it too.

Today I had Fun because we went to the movie and heard a little bit about God. Now I know that there are a lot more animals than I thought. Now I know that Noah is a good person because he listened to God and built a big boat.
I know that obeying God means when He tell you to do something, you do it. It’s like when your conscience tells you not to eat the cookie just like your mom told you not to, then you don’t. But if she tell you to, you do.

This week I learned to obey God even when it doesn’t make sense! Today I had a blast at the movies! We saw Evan Almighty. It was about a man who was asked by God to build and ark to save him and his family from a flood. I also washed Miss Brenda’s van yesterday. But really I’ve just been hangin out at Miss Brenda’s and having fun!

I’m in Bright Lights and I Can Camp this week. At I Can Camp Icky and Mrs. Bretz are there too. What we did is we played first and then I ate dinner. Then we went up stairs and talked about Noah and sang songs about God. And we went back down stairs and drew. We left to do yoga with Mrs. Bretz. Then we went outside to play a game. We learned that Noah did not flinch when God asked him to build an ark. So we played this game somebody throws a ball at us and we see if we can catch it. We had a race. I CAN CAMP is Awesome!
I loved the movie, when it was done I really had a new appreciation for Noah's faith. God was so faithful to him in keeping His promise. The movie shows how big the ark was, and how incredible hard it was to build. The movie stresses that it's a love story not a story of vengence and punishment. A whole new perspective to God's love for us. I couldn't help but falling deeper in love with God when it was done. He truly is Awesome. It is a great family film and really helped our kids bring home the story of Noah.
Miss Brenda

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week of June 18-23rd

This week our Hero of Faith is Abel. We learned how he gave his best to God. That God sees our heart and He wants our best. Our verse was Colossians 3:23 In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were working for the Lord, not for men.
The week started out when we picked some of our best vegetables and put them on our makeshift altar, (the grill). It was hard giving up our vegetables we had been waiting a long time to taste them, but it was ok, we could give up our vegetables for God. Then I asked the kids to give up Hailey, Jodene’s little dog, she is the closest thing we have to a lamb. We tried really hard to give her up on the altar but we couldn’t, but then we learned we didn’t have to give her up, because Jesus gave up his life for us, so now we don’t have to have a blood sacrifice. In that little exercised we learned why God asked for blood sacrifices instead of produce. The heart is connected to other living beings it is so hard to give up something that is living, it truly is a sacrifice. Abel gave up a lot giving his best lamb, it must have been hard for him too. We can only imagine how much it must have hurt God to give Jesus, his holy sacrifice for us.
We learned that instead of sacrifices God wants our heart, He wants the best from us. So all week we tried giving God our best- our best attitudes, behaviors, sports, worship, attention, learning etc. We learned that giving your best to God and others is hard too, but with God’s help we can do it. We need to also encourage each other and remind each other to give God our best.

We were on the go constantly my week started at 7:00 getting Pierrie to work, Icky to Basketball camp, picking up Icky, picky up Pierrie, picking up the rest of the kids and then at 12:30 starting our Obasi day, with more running around, 4 of our girls went to Basketball camp in the afternoon.
On top of all of that we had 4 new girls starting. It is an exciting time, but it is also a very awakening time. You get to see how far the other kids have come in so many areas like behavior, rules, spiritually, attitude and writing. It is really good for all of us, to be reminded of all that God is doing in our lives.
God is good, the kids that have left for one reason or another cannot be replaced, but God really has given us some rays of sunshine in our new kids. We are missing little Teijah terrible, she is so positive and appreciated God’s creations. Little Miss Jada is a light too. She is so smart for 5. People smart, asks so many questions and is so funny. She keeps us in stitches all day. Jameca is very positive and loves to learn new things, her smile is a gift. Iyisha is very sweet, is visiting her Dad for the summer and will be leaving the end of July. We only have her for a short time but she is also a gift. Very sweet and tries so hard. She has been through a lot in her short life but she is very upbeat and loves the Lord and eager to learn more about Him. Dominique is also with us till the end of July, Iyisha’s cousin. Dominique is so gorgeous when she smiles. It’s getting her to smile that takes some work. She looks bored most of the time, but is the one who is ready to try the next thing. Please pray for these girls and us, as we learn more about each other and God together.
Miss Brenda
What I did today was basketball camp, then the other thing I did was golf. I played from 1 to 19 courses. I hit the ball in almost every course once but I lost all the games. The I came home to Brenda’s house and played Rummicube and I got stuck but I almost won both games but I lost them. And Bibleman (Pierrie) won.
I will give God my life. Giving Him my track, a good attitude, my brain and my talents.

When I do my best at basketball practices it makes me proud to learn new skills. Like pass, make shots. This means a lot to me and my whole family. I would love to give a song that He would love. About how He made everyone happy.
I like to sing and help my friends. Yesterday and today I worked very very hard at basketball camp and I tried to run a little bit too, because I like to run and play b-ball. (comment: if you run and work out a lot then you can get better at b-ball).

Well today after I got off work which was good for the most part, I had fun joking with my co-workers. Yesterday we talked about the story in the Bible when that one chick used her hair to clean Jesus’ feet. It was great they are just godly people. But anyway at work we went and pulled weeds for the 2nd day in a row but it’s all good.
Then I came to Obasi and me, Dez, Icky, Jada and Jodene with golfing it was fun. Dez got a hole in one then we came back to Obasi and played a game.

Nothing like a popsicle on the porch swing on a hot summer day.
Jesus made Jada and others. He loves me. I sing a song. Today we had Popsicles for snack. I golfed. Yesterday I learned the difference of weeds and plants.
I like to sing, and I love to write, but I haven’t written any books in a while. The time I started singing is when I was about 5. I had fun learning new skills in basketball and today I went to a book store and read a few books.

Mrs. B gives Dominique some puppet tips

Dez, Icky and Mrs. B go over their puppet skit.

Mrs. B helps Jada sew her lamb purse.

Jada shows off her lamb purse with bubbles in it.

On Wednesday Laura Mach comes and does a snack with us about our lesson. On this day she first came to our picnic with a loaf of bread, saying that she had forgotten snack and was late and all she had was some bread. The kids looked at the bread really funny and were really disappointed. Then Laura asked how they felt getting bread for snack, they said like you don't care. Laura said that is right, I would never just give you bread for snack, unless that is all I have, that wouldn't be giving you or God my best.
She went to the car and brought us the best snack ever. A lamb cake, which was too cute to eat, although the kids did manage to finish it off. And....

... fruit kabobs and a box of special popcorn for us. Plus ice cold water for a warm day. The kids got the point of giving your best in a very tasty way.

On Thursday we celebrated Steve Osenbaughs birthday. We gave in a superman picture with his face on it- and the letter Pierrie had written about him being his hero. Steve is a hero, he does so much for us and always gives us his best.

This is my favorite picture so far this summer. Our youngest Jada and oldest Pierrie. They both have great personalities and it shows up on this picture. Pierrie is so good with the littlier kids and they look up to him as a great role model.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Meet our new girls-back-left- Iyiesha, Dominique, Jameca and little Jada in front.

Lovin that watermelon

Watermelon seed spitting contest- Savanah couldn't spit it very far but she had the best face trying.
Kemonterious goes to camp.
What I did today was go to basketball camp and learned some new things. Like some basketball drills. Then I started to have a basketball game. I shot five three pointers and on the last one we won. Then we played knock out. That is where you have to shoot and when do that your not suppose to miss because the other players may make the shot and your out. Then I played ball in the middle tag. That is when you try to knock the ball out of someone else’s hand and they are out.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Drawings Too Cute Not To Share.

LaMario as Spider Man

Kemonterious as Spider Man shooting webs

Savanah as Cat Women saving a Cat!!!!

Shae as Bat Women!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday is our day off at Obasi, because so much is going on the other 6 days we need a day for down time. However today, Pierrie needed a ride to work at 7:15 a.m. and LaMario, Shae, Kemonterious and Marissa decided they needed a day of track training. Shae and Kemonterious have a big meet next week so we really need to intensify the practices. It was the first day of it being really hot, so it was a tough workout, but the kids tried so hard.

This week has been amazing! A lot of the time I feel really guilty for having only 6 or 7 kids, we usually have 10 or 11, I know numbers will change soon, when Teijah and Alexis come back the numbers will go way up again, so we don’t want to get more kids than what we can handle. Anyway I can really see God doing a huge thing in the kids with only 6. It gives us so much more individual time to see who they are. Life slows down more with less kids because you don’t feel like are you are juggling so much. It is easier to see the successes and not focus so much on the failures.

Before this week, because of all the kids we have lost to moving, foster care, the streets, I have felt myself really guarding my heart, because each time you lose a kid it feels like you lose piece of your heart. This week being with the kids even more up close and personal I can’t help but feel my heart open up and smile again. They really are amazing. I love reading their journals. After we studied what it means to be a hero, and how we can be a hero, the last question in the journal for this week was…. I think ___________ looks up to me as a hero and that makes me feel _____________________. Kemonterious wrote I think Miss Brenda looks up to me as a hero and that makes me feel happy.
My heart smiled when I read that. I would have never thought that is how he would have answered it, but it makes me feel good that he feels that I look at him like that. He is the youngest in a large family and is kind of invisible at times. What an awesome responsibility to help a child believe that you look up to him as a hero, to make him believe in himself and his talents that much. It really makes me think and makes me look at my job more seriously.
So while the summer numbers aren't exactly the way I pictured it, I am reminded again that God does know what He is doing. That the kids that we do have know have been in the program for some time and were here for all the drama of all the other kids leaving plus their own daily drama, so some intense individual time is exactly what we all need to mend our hearts. Again God is so good to us.

A Working Man

Pierrie is working for the Lincoln Parks and Rec's Green Team for about 3 weeks this summer.
I started my job on Thursday and it is good, it’s not great because it’s hot and it’s hard work. But this lady I work with said I had good work ethic. Today she told me they should be paying me triple for all the hard work I’m doing. I like that. Cool!

Thursday, June 14th

WE were all fascinated by the naked mole rats.

At the zoo me, Jodene and LaMario we looked at all the stuff. These little naked mold (mole) rats were on top of each other sleeping and one was big. It couldn’t get through the tube, because a big thick stick was there. Then we went to the little monkeys. They were so cute. One looked like a little rock star. The other one looked like a little person with a little face. Then we went to see the seals, one jumped into the Hoola Hoop for a talent show. It was really cool. Then us kids rode on the train. I sat with Savanah and Dez. We sat in the back so we could go in the tunnel last. It was so fun I want to go again some day.

Today Brenda and Jodene earn a big time thanks for all the things they done for us. Especially Brenda she planned this whole summer. My best part is my attitue change so now I have more fun.
But my favorite animal is the seals, Tony and Pearl, out of those two my best one is… I’m going to say both of them! They both did excellent. I was scared of one of the lamas, the while one.
The train was awesome because I got to ride with my best friends Savanah and Shae. They are so cool, Shae helped me when I was afraid of the lama. But the zoo was awesome because of my attitude.
(Dez accepted Christ as her personally savior about 3 weeks ago and she truly as been a new person. Before I hated picking her up from school, she would have such a sour face and attitude, it made the whole day go bad. One day we were taking about the body of Christ and who that is. She broke into sobs and I took her outside to talk. She said she was crying because she didn't know if she was going to heaven or not and didn't know what to do. Finally an easy problem to fix, I actually had the answer. We talked, she prayed and she has been a new kid ever since. Miss Brenda)

Savanah pets a rat.

Pearl the Seal waves at us.
What I did today was went to the zoo. I walked around and saw all kinds of animals like camels, sheep, deer and snakes. The whole place was huge. The first thing I did was look at the seals. They did a performance for us. And one their names was Pearl and the others name was Tony. Tony was so good that she jumped through a hooli-hoop. Then Pearl just spun around and showed us her flippers and her silky coat.

Savanah and Shae find out what it is like to be large chicks.

The Cheetah.

The camel waits for a snack.

Today we went to the zoo in Lincoln, it was fun for the most part. We went to the goat exhibit and fed the goats and the lamas. I also saw my friend Amy at the zoo working so I talked to her for a while. Then we went and looked at the seals and we watched them do some tricks. Then we went and saw some camels and fed them. Then we took a ride on the train.

Today we went to the zoo and we saw a cheetah, a monkey, snake, turtle and other animals. The train rides and the seals were the best out of the whole zoo. I want to thank Miss Brenda and Jodene for doing everything for us. Obasi spent a lot of money on us this week. So thank you.
(All week the kids have been earning beads instead of Obasi Monopoly money for good behavior, learning things, doing well at camp, etc. They get colored beads for activities and green beads for doing chores. They need to earn 100 colored beads and 30 green beads to go on our end of the summer overnight trip. They have been pretty proud of how many beads they have earned this week. Today I informed them that they have to pay for things with their beads too, just like we did with Obasi Money. Some of them weren't to happy when they saw a lot of their beads disappearing for all the field trips and camps they participated in. So I explained to them how much real money Obasi had spent on them this week. Jodene explained to them this is what happens in real life you work and you have to pay for the things you need and want. So then you have to work more to get it back. I looked in Savanah's journal and she had written down all the fees I had named off and at written down the total. She's our little accountant.)

Savanah receives her hat and first pin.
At the end of each week the kids get the chance to recite their memory verse for the week. If they learn their verse they get a little miniature swap to put on their Obasi cap to help remind them of their verse and the lessons for the week. This week if they memorized their verse they got their cap and a big button that says, BE A HERO OF FAITH. They were so excited to recite their verses. They also received other awards for the week too. One is the Faith Hero of the Week, where we pick a person who has lived their faith that week. Our first Faith Hero was Pierrie. It is easier to live your faith while you are at Obasi, but harder for the kids when they are out in the world. We picked Pierrie this week because he lived out his faith at his new job. Doing his best for God and working hard, when it would have been easier to slack off like some of the other kids he is working with. Instead he was a great example and was noticed by his supervisors for having a great work ethic. On a personal note as a mentor that makes my heart, sing and dance. A few years ago when we started working with the kids to help with work ethic and doing your best, it was like pulling teeth, and we didn’t think that we would ever get to this point. God is so faithful, and we are grateful and excited.
Miss Brenda

The kids show off their new hats.

After the zoo and awards we were invited to the Cornhusker Kiwanis family picnic. It was beautiful outdoors and it was good to relax. We love doing anything with the Kiwanis they are a great group of people. They are always so good with the kids and love talking to them and celebrating their successes. We had a lot of fun. Thank you Cornhusker Kiwanis for all your kindness and support.
Miss Brenda

Hailey (the white dog,) was very excited, she thought that burger was hers, sadly later she discovered it was Jodene's and wasn't even going to get a taste of it.

After the picnic it was back to our last night of Track Camp. LaMario, Kemonterious, North Star Track Coach and Shae.
At track camp I learned about high jumping. When you high jump you have to bend over so that when you jump your back is slanted and you land on your shoulders. The other thing I learned was the long jump. When you start from the fifty yards and sprint and jump into the sand as far as you can.

Triple Jumping Jacks!!!!!! Let me tell you what I learn about track camp. Well the first thing I learned was when you are getting ready to run someone will say runners to your mark and you will put both of your hands on your knees then they will say get set. Then your suppose to put your right hand on the ground then and your left hand is up in the air. Then you go. When you do the 200 meter you go half way around the when you do the 400 meter you go I time around. Then when you so the 800 meter you go twice around.
(Before writing this story, Shae came up to me and said I need to start this story out more exciting, can you help me with some words, we came up with Triple Jumping Jacks ! I am so excited that Shae is thinking about how her writing sounds, usually when I tell them we are going to write they all moan and grown and it is like pulling teeth, but this week they have been amazing, almost excited to write. I think that when they go back to school their teachers will be excited to see how much they have improved in writing. That is exciting.
I also have another story about the kids and track camp. Kemonterious, LaMario and Shae attended track camp all week. By the end of camp they were known as the Three Amigos, they went everywhere together. You call one they all would come. For the most part they did a really good job. Kemonterious is so fascinated with gadgets and trying out new things that he loses focus on what he is there for. They all improved in their running techniques. At the end of camp I told them they needed to go thank the coach for doing camp. So I sat on the bleachers and watched. They waited for the other kids to get their t-shirts and then when the coach was through, Shae took the boys to the coach and I heard her say- Coach, us, then she points at the three of them, just want to tell you thank you, we had a great time at camp. Thank you for letting us come. The coach makes a awww sound. Then Shae says, In fact we really should get a picture of all of us together. Then she comes over to me and says Miss Brenda we should have a picture with the coach, can you take one for us. So we took the above picture, it was so cute. Shae is our spokes women and little encourager. Miss Brenda.)

Kemonterious practices the 200.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who Is Your Hero?

This summer our theme is “Be A Hero of Faith.” Each week we will be learning about a Hero of Faith from the Bible. We will be learning about the obstacles each person overcame through their faith in God to become a Hero of Faith. The goal is for each of us to learn that we all have trials even the people in the Bible but through our faith in God we can be an over comer and a Hero of Faith. Our verse this week is Hebrews 11:6, Without faith it is impossible to please God. We talked about why we should want to please God, how to please God and why sometimes it’s not our priority to please God. This week we are also learning what it means to be a hero and thinking about who we look up to. We learned that we become who we look up to, so it is important to pick our heroes wisely. At the end of our lesson we were given an assignment to write a little about our hero or write God a letter thanking Him for putting that person in our lives. This is what the kids came up with. Some of the words are spelled incorrectly; I left them the way the kids wrote them because I think they made up some of their own words to describe how they feel.

Dear God ,
Thank you for putting my mom into my life. She has been wonderful. She puts a roof over my head, she helps me with my homework. She doesn’t push me into stuff I don’t want to do. She gets to work on time. She’s a waitress at Virginia’s Café. She goes as fast as she can. My mom stays at work until 8:30.
God please help my Mom keep her job so we have a roof over our heads and she will make a lot of money. Yesterday me and my brother Ty were home and we went over to the café and she bought us some food and one table didn’t leave her any money and I felt bad because she has done so much the first day of work. This is her 2nd day. Amen.


Dear God,
Thank you for making Brenda. She is the most greatfulest person in my life. And I thank you for letting her be a part of my life. I picked her for my hero because without her my life would be terrified with smoking, stealing, fighting and thinking that I will not never go to heaven. But that all changed because I learn more about you God in church and many other places too. And I don’t care how bad my cousins want me to be I don’t want to be that way. And pop music that’s not a Christian thing that’s more like a using bad language thing. And this is how I feel.


Mom, she’s my hero because she cares for me and that she will do anything in the world for me. I’m really glad God put her in my life and I’m glad He made her because He made her just for me and for my family. Mom means so much to me and she means so much to God. I love my mom so much I sill do anything in the world for her and she would anything in the world for me. My mom is the only person I can look up to and I can look up to Jesus . God thanks for mom looking out for me and her being there for me and for being in my life because if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be here. So mom thank you for everything you do for me because I really appreciate it. Your work , your kindness, and your careness and your sweetness. Oh and thanks for bringing me into the world and thanks Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins.

I am thankful for my mom because she loves me and she is nice. I can look up to her and she cares about me. I would be very sad if I were to lose my mom. I am glad God sent me an angel that I can call Mom, because mom means the whole world to me and I don’t care about how mad I get at her I will always love her. Every since I was born mom has been saving me.

The persons who are my heroes are Steve Osenbaugh and Steve Mach. They are my heroes because they stand up for what they believe in and they are good men of the Word. Another reason why these men are my heroes is because they know how to take care of their families and how to be a good leader of their households.
They also go to church and are Godly men and they know how God really is. The reason why these men are my heroes is because they are so in love with God. Thes men are smart and I hope that I could be like them someday.
Dear God thank you for bringing these men into my life and that you can help them help me make great decisions and I could love you as much as they do. Thank you for all you have done for me and thank you for loving me.

Dear God, thank you for my hero. I am very glad to be able to have my Granny as one on my heroes. She is the best . She helps me from time to time to learn how to help others and to build a great relationship with You. I love her and will always look up to her as a teacher. She is a great leader and a respectful follower. She loves you and she never wants me to let You go. God thank you for every special person You gave to teach me.
Marissa( Marissa has come back for a couple of days before moving to Mississippi)

Wednesday Activities

Another busy day at Obasi Ministry. Wednesday's are puppet class with Mrs. B. The kids go over a script for one of their plays.

Shae practices the skit with her puppet.

Laura Mach is doing Hero themed cooking with us this summer. Today was building a hero sandwich.

Shae enjoys her hero Sandwich. Thanks Laura it was delicious.

After Bible Time we had Craft time.

Some of the kids made Father's Day gifts. Shae's can cozy said Dad, rember God.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our First Missions Trip

My dream someday is to be able to take the kids on Missions trip either to a different country or to some large inner city. But for us everything is about baby steps and preparing for the future. So our first Missions trip was to Firth Nebraska, about 20 minutes from Lincoln. We heard about a new camp opening up that needed a lot of work, so we volunteered to come and help for two days. The camp was originally a home for boys. It was shut down and was unused for quite some time. It has been purchased and the owners are getting it back together to use it for God.

Although it was hot, muggy and hard work we had a really great time. I was so proud of everyone, they worked very hard. I was excited to see that a lot of the things we had taught them about work a year or so ago they were using the last two days. It is so good to see them grow.

We would like to thank Oasis Camp for giving us the opportunity to serve. Thank you Katie and Becca for all your kindness and encouraging words, the kids loved you both. Thank you to my nieces Bailey and Ande and my nephew Payton for helping us the last two days. They really hussled and kept us all moving and working.

2nd Day at Oasis Camp

Well today was our last day of helping at Camp Oasis. We had a great time cleaning up again. We spent most of the day inside , we were in a different dorm building cleaning in the bathrooms. Man were they Nasty. I was cleaning this shower , there were spiders and mice poop in them. NASTY!!! Katie told me to clean the shower curtain, that thing had a big spider on it, I left that room.
The shower wasn’t getting to clean so Jodene went and got this Mr. Clean Eraser for the shower it was AWESOME. It worked so good. Miss Brenda was cleaning the shower and she said it was like night and day. Katie tried it too and they she wanted to know how they made them, so she could make them too.
Then it was time to say good-bye to Katie and Becca.

Today I was cleaning out the shower, moving furniture and sweeping. I learned that when you help each other you get done faster. It’s fun helping each other. I helped Ande with the trash, Icky with his job and I helped Bailey mop.

Today we did a lot of cleaning… when we were all done I went and looked at all the rooms, I made a joke that room #5 was mine., it was so clean and almost empty. I hope I can come here for camp someday and I hope that we can go to Katie and Becca’s camp,(Timberlake Ranch Camp). I am so glad that they helped us if they didn’t we would still be on the camp cleaning.

Today was awesome, I learned that cleaning is not about just cleaning it is about having fun. Today I cleaned the shower, vacuumed the floors, and took the bed racks to another room. Pierrie loved the magic eraser. Today was better than yesterday, not because we had less things to do. It is I had a Blast of Fun! Jodene, Bailey and Ande helped us clean but it seemed that Jodene did all the hard work. Becca and Katie helped us and the great thing is they are sweet. Becca helped me and Savannah with the bed rack’s. The rough part is having to say good-bye to them. I loved hanging out with them they are awesome. But I wish that we wouldn’t have to leave them.

When we were sweeping I couldn’t keep doing it, but I got to clean the showers. Jodene left to get some Mister magic erasers but I didn’t get to use one but Pierrie got tot, he said they clean like magic just like it says on the box.
It was hard saying good-bye to Katie and Becca so I kept giving them hugs because it was just too hard to leave them. Katie is 17teen and Becca is 18teen.

What I learned today was that when you others with things they get done quicker. Today what I did was went into a different dorm. I went into the other restroom where the other Obasi kids were cleaning at. So I swept in the bathroom and I vacuumed each room on the right and Dez vacuumed each room on the left. After that I helped Jodene with the conference room. There used to be carpet but they tore it off. So that’s why there was a lot of dirt on the floor. There were three people, me, Jodene and Shae sweeping. And we got the job done.Kemonterious
Miss Brenda's Niece cleans a toilet
Pierrie mops

Moving couches

Good bye to Becca and Katie