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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Luis Palau Omaha Heartland Festival

On our way to Omaha Nebraska leaving from Lincoln, the first thing we saw was the BMX.I was scared when the boy did the back flip on his bike. Out on the skateboards I like the one that split in half. I loved the motorcycles because how fast it was going. It was going so fast It felt like I blew my head off. Me and Savanah shared the umbrella with this boy because he was pouring out sweat. And one of the bikers popped his tire from all his cool tricks. Then when all that was over we went to the car to eat some snacks then we went and got some tattoos but from all that sweat the tattoos came off of our arms. Then we went to crafts and made some crosses and some bracelets. This is what the colors meant- yellow means he loves us, green means that he is powerful, red means how much blood he shared with us and died for us. Then Jodene brought us some snow cones and we played some games and I son all together 9. I played crazy big mouth and much more. Then we got our face painted. I got a crown that said Jesus. I got a flower pot. After all that we listened to Mandisa and Toby Mac then we left.

On Saturday the 14th, I went to Omaha Nebraska with Jodene and Janet and Dez. We got tattoos and watched the bmx when the motorcycles were doing back flips I thought they were going to kill themselves. We watched skateboarders and one broke his board. We listened to Mandessa. We also made necklaces and bracelets. It was blazing hot and this one boy was sweating so much so we went back and shared our umbrella with him so he had shade and so he was not hot. For dinner we ate at Cracker Barrel in Omaha, they have a store there too. Their food was awesome.

Go here to see a picture of us in the Sun.