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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Last year at the Cornhusker State Games, Kemonterious won a silver and a bronze medal. That is when he really got the bug to run more. He also really wanted to win a gold medal. He has been practicing a lot, but in close races he tends to give up if someone passes him or it gets tough. Saturday at the games Kemonterious was entered in the 2oo meter and 1500 meter race. The 200 didn't go all that well, he kinda gave up at the end and came in 5th. So we were really wondering how he would handle the 1500, it is his better event but he is in an older group this year so he would really have to be on his game this year. We had a three hour wait so we kept pumping him up for the gold. He got out there and pretty much took the lead from the start. With three big guys close behind. Several times it looked like he was going to quit, but he managed to keep going and keep the lead. The last lap was the true test. The boys behind him made several attempts to pass, each time Kemonterious would pick up the pace enough to discourage the other boy from passing him. Finally the finish line came and he was the winner. It was a great moment all around. Not just winning the race but winning his battle over giving up.