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Friday, July 20, 2007

July 16- 20

This week our Bible Hero was Moses and our Motto for the week was Believe God has a plan for your life. Our Verse was Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.We went through the whole story of Moses and highlighted all the ways God had a plan for Moses life and how he accomplished this plan. We talked about how our choices in life affect our accomplishing our purpose in life. That if we believe God has a purpose for us then we guard our lives and choices and make them count for God. When we make wrong choices we are kicking our purpose on the ground not really caring. We pray that our kids will start to understand the importance of living for God so that they can achieve their purpose in life. That they believe that they are that special to God that their lives matter. We also talked about how God sent Aaron to help Moses accomplish his purpose. That we need to pick friends that will help us accomplish our purpose rather than putting our purpose and life in danger. We had some really good conversations this week.

I learned about Moses he obeyed God when he didn’t think he could do what God wanted him to do. Moses saw a burning bush but then he heard it talk, it was God. He told Moses to take his shoes off because it was holy ground.
We played a fun game today but at first we didn’t want to because Brenda didn’t tell us how to play or the purpose.

Let me tell you about what I learned about baby Moses that his mother hid him so he wouldn’t get killed she hid him by the Nile River. Then one day the kings daughter went to the Nile River to take a bath and she found baby Moses and he was crying. Since she was the kings daughter they could not kill him so she raised him good.

Today I learned that Moses had a purpose that he was to get everyone from Egypt. Then there was a burning bush but it never burnt up it was God telling Moses go back to Egypt tell a speech and God said I’ll send your brother Aaron with you because he is good at speaking.
We played a game we have 5 clothes pins on the back of our shirts and other people have to try and get them off.

We learned about Moses that he was the person who rescued the people from Egypt. He killed an Egyptian. Pharaoh looked for Moses but never found him, then the Pharaoh died.
I started to make a basket that was something about what we learned in the story about Moses. So we weaved the basket and it took us 2 days to finish it.
July 17
Well today was my first day of Tennis camp at North Star High School. When I got there I was a little intimidated by all the other high school kids because they were really good. But when I went into the tennis courts and the coaches were really nice and she helped me with all of my techniques it was fun I got to meet new kids. The coach also said that I was very athletic and I caught on fast. She said I should try out for my high school tennis team.

July 19
Today was the lst day of tennis camp and I had a great time there learning new ways of how to control the ball and how much power to hit the ball with. I wish that tennis was longer because it was a lot of fun. I guess I have to get on the court more this summer- man it was fun. I met new people good people. Today we played a singles tournament and I came in 3rd place, Man this little kid named Robert came today for the first time hew as so good. I had a great time and tennis is the best.
One of the games we played was clothes pin tag. To drive home the need for a purpose in life I handed the kids clothes pins and a rope. Then started shouting go play, go go win the prize. They just stood there doing nothing looking confused not knowing what to do. So finally I explained the rules and the purpose of the game. Then we had lots of fun and it set up our lesson on Moses.

At the end of the day we played a fun water game. Two teams, a basket full of water and sponges. Each team tries to soak up a lot of water in their sponge and take it to some milk jugs...

...then squeeze the sponges trying to get the water into the jugs. The first team to fill up there jug saves Moses from a wet basket.

For craft we made woven baskets. When weaving it helps to have your tongue sticking out slightly.

Baskets take a lot of time and patience to make but....

they turned out beautiful.

For snack Moses in a Basket. You take a waffle cone bowel, fill it with any flavor of ice cream cover with that chocolate syrup that hardens that is his body. Then a scoop of chocolate for his head. Sprinkles for hair, pretzels for hands, some eyes and mouth. And there he is Oh so cute and delicious.
Today we played a game about our purpose. We went running with steve. He said I was really good.
Yesterday we made a puppet play, then we practices. I was the Mom, Taj was the teacher and Shae and Savanah were sisters. Then for snack we made Baby Moses in a basket.

Let me tell you what I learned today about puppets. How to use my hands the right way and not to put the head up when you talk for the puppets. The we made some baskets about Moses but we are not all done yet. We went to Steves to run with him and his daughter Jackie.

I met a new person. Her name is Jackie. I met her at running. At first I was scared and shy. I ran and I was slow and she came back for me since I was slow. Jackie helps me get skinnier.
Today I learned my verse. I know it now I can get my little basket for my hat.
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for your future says the Lord.

Our last game of the week. To bring home the idea of living out our purpose. I had each of the kids name something they wanted to be or do with their life. I put it on a card and put it at the top of some stairs. Then I made out about 12 cards for each kids. They started at the bottom of the stairs, each card had either good choices they have been making lately so they could go up the steps toward their purpose. Some of the cards had some bad choices they had been making and so then they would have to go down stairs. None of them reached their goal, the object of the game was to help the kids see that our choices even as kids affects our purpose for our life.

Taking time to enjoy the view at the sunken gardens. We finally got a break from the 100 degree weather and it was beautiful.