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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Week of July 9-15

This week we studied Joseph, Joseph believed that God would deliver him so he never gave up.
Our verse for the week was 2 Timothy 4:18 -Yes, and the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly Kingdom. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Believing that God has your back, so you should never give up is a message we have been trying to teach the kids for years now. It is a hard concept for most of our kids to get. Living lives full of difficult situations and broken promises doesn’t lend itself to a life of trust or continuing to try when things just keep staying hard. Looking at Joseph’s life was a great way to drive home this lesson, he was hated by his brothers, lied about, sold, put in prison, forgotten, the list goes on. Our kids were able to relate to many of his dilemmas. The best part about Joseph’s life is that he never gave up on God and God never gave up on Joseph. God kept all His promises to Joseph and we are learning that He keeps His promises to us too.
Tajanay came back this week after moving to Vegas with her Mom for about six months. We sure are glad to have her back.
Doing some chores around the house, Jemeca cleans out the garbage can waters the flowers, Pierrie trims the rose bush which had gone wild, it looked really nice after. Pierrie sure is becoming a professional at lawn and plant care.

Shae spruces up the porch.

Kemonterious and Jada give the picnic table a good scrubbing.

Each week we have some kind of life lesson to drive home our spiritual lesson. This week we had an intense obstacle course the kids thought we were keeping track of their times and scores when actually we were keeping track of how many times they didn't give up when they could have. Here Pierrie is in the rope obstacle course through the picnic table. He was clipped to the rope and had to follow it around. He tried so hard it was very difficult, he was sweating and breathless but he never gave up.

Another part of the obstacle course was the hula hoop, here Jada learns really fast how to swing her hips.
Today we did an obstacle course and the first thing I did was work on the horse shoes, it took me a long time, then I did the hula hoop and the untying of the knot.

All tied in Knots. Savanah's patience gets tested in this untying the knot course.

Jameca has a laugh when she falls off of her scooter during the scooter obstacle course.
I have to say that all the kids did a great job not giving up. In some of the courses they tried things over at least 40 times and kept on going. Now we just need to put that attitude into real life where it is so much easier to give up on themselves and others.

We made a visit to the pet store and saw some cute rabbits.


The kids had the most fun driving Gidget and Hailey around in miniature shopping carts.

Morissa helps Dez get the knots out of her string so she could make a Joseph bracelet.

Chaney was a big help with Tajanay and her bracelet.

Kemonterious winds his string around his leather piece.

Our bracelets when they were done. They are beautiful, they are to remind us of the life of Joseph and to never give up.

More produce from our garden, carrots and onions.

Bowling for Sean's birthday.
Today I watered the plants and went bowling. I got third place in both games. Then we came back to Brenda's house so that we could celebrate Sean's birthday. We had chocolate cake and ice cream. That was so good.

Cake with Sean.
I'm happy I'm back. I'm happy to be here to see all my friends. We celebrated Sean's birthday. I haven't seen him for a lon, long time. I like to see him.
We went bowling. We get to toll the ball. I got a STRIKE. I was happy. I like to be here all day. Sean is nice about everything he did. He was happy to see me.
I liked Sean's birthday cake and ice cream. It was good. That's all

Our heroes of the week were Jada and Pierrie for not giving up this week, through the many trials. They were great examples for all of us.