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Friday, March 23, 2007

Children of The World

Wednesday, March 21 Teijah got really brave and went up and introduced herself to Joeline from Uganda. They both wore those smiles throughout the whole performance. Teijah asked me if that is the only outfit the kids had to wear. I told her that those are there choir outfits, and that they probably have a few more clothes. Then she said well if she lived here I would give her my clothes. It was so sweet. We have been studying Africa, we are sponsoring a little girl from Ethopia and we have been keeping up with Oprah, so the kids are really getting sensitive to others who are hurting in the world. They were so excited to finally see someone from Africa. They were in shock when they sang two of our favorite songs: Shackles and Trading My Sorrows. The choir did an awesome job singing. They were only 7 and 8 years of age.
Miss Brenda

On Wednesday we went and saw some awesome kids sing and dance. Their dancing and singing really touch me. These kids are from all over the world and most of them are orphans. They are called the Children of the World. The kids that stood out the most for me were the 3 from Uganda. As you might know there is a war going on there now and many kids have to walk for days without food or water to get away from the rebels who try to make them fight in the war. Many of the parents of the kids in Uganda are dying of aids. Just pray for the kids.
If you want to know more just log on to www.worldhelp.com
by Pierrie
The children's choir was so awesome and talented. I think that they have really good voices. When we left i just couldn't forget about their parents.-Dezhanay
What I liked about the children's choir came out and I liked when we got to meet them. We got to know what they do and what they like. My favorite song was "Trading My Sorrows." - LaMario