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Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy 16th Birthday Pierrie!!!!

March 22 Pierrie thought we were just celebrating his birthday with dinner at Applebees, but their was more to come later. Obasi gave Pierrie a picture of his dream car and is helping him start and maintain a savings account to help him get his first car.

Surprise ! The whole gang is here. Pastor Jessie starts out the party by giving a little talk on the meaning and qualities of a real Man. Then the rest of us shared what we love about Pierrie.

Time to blow out all those candies. Kemonterious is at the front of the pack waiting for the cake.

Brother Colin, Pierrie and sister Lentorious keep it real.

We were excited to have Erin join us, she is a very good friend to Pierrie as well as one of his youth group leaders at church.

Mom and Pierrie.

Pierrie and tutor Beth.

The Tenney's and Pierrie.

Penne, Pierrie and Mrs. B, two very special ladies in Pierrie's life.

Pastor Jessie, Pierrie and Steve. Pierrie's Male role models.

Miss Brenda, Pierrie and Jodene.

Sean and the boys.

Pierrie's fan club.
I liked Pierrie's birthday because me, Alexis and Teijah had to keep a secret, (about the surprise party). First we went to Applebees, then we left early to go to Jodene's house so we could sit down and talk and wait for Pierrie to come for the surprise party.-Savanah
When we went to Pierrie's birthday we went to Applebees. It was really fun and then we kept a secret. We went to Jodene's house and we had a good time, it was so much fun.-Teijah

As you can see God has surrounded Pierrie with lots of support and Life Models. I hope that through the evening Pierrie was reminded of all the people God has blessed him with.
Miss Brenda's favorite card to Pierrie comes from Savanah.
Dear Pierrie,
Thank you for helping me with homework.
I think you are mature, smart, awesome and grateful.
I love that you are at Obasi.
I am proud of you for believing in Jesus.
You make me laugh when you make up jokes.
Remember when we went to Adventureland, Grand Island and the Capitol?
I hope you grow up to be a Jesus Man that goes to church and picks a good wife that treats you right and that goes to church as well and that lets you make your own decisions not a wife that don’t let you have a life. Marry a girl that does not cheat on you.
From Savanah.