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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Dezhanay

Tuesday, March 27 We ended up celebrating Dez's birthday a day late, because she was at the hospital meeting her new sister, Josie. She is very proud of her new sister and that they share birthdays.

Blow out those 11 candles.

In Bible Study we have been learning that we need to protect our hearts by being careful what we listen too. So for her birthday we got her our favorite Nicole C. Mullens CD, so that she will have some great music to listen to at home. She was very excited.

Morissa and Cheney came to celebrate too. We played spoons which was very tricky with 12 people but it made for a lot of fun and laughs.

At the end of the day, I usually pray before we go home. Dezhanay wanted to pray today, which is pretty unusual for her. She was very grateful for her day. We started an "I caught you!" book. We have a lot of trouble with put downs. This book is for the kids to catch each other doing something kind or doing something good. Dez was thankful that Alexis noticed that she was trying really hard during track practice today. Dez usually walks around as slow as possible. Today she was trying to sprint with the other kids. We all were very proud of her.