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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Domino Effect of Being A Good Role Model.

Wednesday, March 28th

We had just got done celebrating that Pierrie had opened his checking account. He was beaming from ear to ear. And why not the beginning of one of his dreams was starting.

When out of the blue popped up this conversation.

Kemonterious- Can I start my car savings account.
Miss Brenda- No that is something we will help you do when you turn 16. It's like the celebration of going into manhood.
Kemonterious- But I want to start now.
LaMario- Me too.
Miss Brenda- We will wait till your 16.
Kemonterious- But why can't I start now and get a car when I am 14.
Miss Brenda- Well, you are 10, it takes a lot of money to buy a car and you can't use a car when you are 14.
Kemonterious- Well why not, I want to drive.
Miss Brenda- Because it is illegal, you have to be 16 to drive.
Kemonterious- They will send me to Mexico if I drive when I am 14. ( Kemonterious is African American, and must have heard the word illegal in the news, so was a little confused)
Miss Brenda- No it is against the law to drive by yourself when you are 14. You will get in trouble.
Kemonterious- But why can't I start saving now?
Miss Brenda- Well I guess you could start saving now. We aren't going to open a savings account for you but how about we get a piggy bank for you.
Kemonterious- Yeah.
Miss Brenda- But the bank stays here and when you put money in it, it stays, you can't take it out when you are hungry and want a pizza.
Kemonterious- I wouldn't do that! Let's do it.
LaMario- Me too, I want to do it.

So tomorrow I will be making up banks for them. I am a little skeptical and impressed at the same time. The power of Pierrie's role modeling is incredible, I don't think we truly understand how our actions impact far more people than our words could ever do.
I am skeptical because saving money in this neighborhood is a totally new concept especially for Kemonterious- Money burns a hole in his pocket and anytime he has a spare dime he is spending it. BUT this could be a totally amazing experience for him to do something that major. Just Saving is like WOW. But then saving for a car that is a double WOW. Cars or lack of cars in our families is a huge problem. When they do have a car, it is breaking down a lot.
Please pray that with our kids, especially the boys that we would be able to show them the power of saving, planning and role modeling.