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Friday, March 16, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and took off for Mahoney State Park. It was hard to believe that just over a week ago it had snowed nine inches. We had a great time just enjoying the sun and exploring.

Pierrie did a little reflecting by the lake. I had fun taking to him and catching up on his life. Sometimes during the normal schedule it is hard to just relax and visit. I loved being by the lake and just watching the kids explore. When I was a kid I always went down by the pond to gather my thoughts and feelings. It always reminded me who was in charge of my life and made me feel closing to God after seeing all the wonderful things He has created. It was just wanted I needed today too.

There was about a 3-4 inch layer of ice still on the lake. The kids had fun trying to move it.

And then they had fun getting really long branches and trying to break up the ice from the dock. They were so excited when they broke off a large piece.

Shae shows off her ice diamond !!! It really was beautiful when you held it up to the sun. It had losts of little holes in it.

On top of the tower over looking the Platte River.

Our favorite tree to take a picture from. We visit it every year.

We stopped in Ashland for some ice cream. It was delicious.

Pierrie does a little window car shoppin !!!!! Hate to squish the dream but wait till we take him window car insurance shoppin.

Jodene gives us a lesson on how to buy and put on new wind shield wipers. Always something to learn.


chris said...

dream big Pierrie look how far God has brought you already!