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Saturday, March 31, 2007

State Farm 1 Mile Race

Kemonterious browns the hamburger and we had a lesson in meat safety.

Making garlic bread.

The girls eat up.

Time for a friendly game of Nintendo

Coach Steve and Jodene give some last minute instructions.

Team Obasi

After the race Jodene made us a big breakfast. MMMM Good.
This weekend it was our first 1 mile of the season. Because the weather has been so nice we have been able to practice for about 5 weeks. This week in practice everyone was beating their all time records so we were pretty excited to go to the race. We decided to have the kids sleep over Friday night so that they could get a good meal, good nights sleep
and so that we would be able to find them early Saturday morning. Coach Steve gave us a talk about eating right before the race. Kemonterious decided he wanted to help me make dinner for everyone, he was so excited. We made spaghetti and garlic bread. He was
so excited to serve everyone. While we were making dinner he said I wish Dez could be here so she can learn that when you do the right thing you get to do a lot of fun things. I almost busted out laughing. Kemonterious is the one in the last few months we have been trying to teach that lesson to. He has been doing much better the last month so I am glad that he figured that out for himself. I just pray that he keeps continuing to live by his words. He really is an awesome kid.
Shae and LaMario came later and Kemonterious wanted to make sure that they had eaten. They both said they were full. He asked them what they had eaten for supper when LaMario said McDonalds, Kemonterious hit the roof. He told LaMario you know we aren’t supposed to eat junk food before a race, now your body is going to be tired. Shae and LaMario felt so bad they ate a plate of spaghetti.
The kids played a little Nintendo, Teijah listened to Nicole C. Mullens on the ipod. She sat on the couch just singing her little lungs out. She loves music and singing. It was a little off key but her heart can sing with the best of them.
We had some fruit for snack and then to bed.
The kids were awake at 5:30 p.m. ready to run. The race started at 8:30. There was a 70% chance of hard rain. The weather men were right and about midnight it started raining. Every once in a while I would wake during the night and hear the pounding rain. I asked God
For 20 minutes of no moisture for the race. As we left our driveway it started pouring even harder. Then about 5 minutes before the race it stopped raining and it didn’t start back up again till about 9:00. The kids would have ran in the rain, but I am grateful that God gave us a break.
The kids did an awesome job. Kemonterious ran a 6:20, he got third out of 291 kids and broke his record.
LaMario ran a 7:07 and came in 15th, pretty good for a kid who couldn’t make it around the block a month ago.
Alexis ran a 7:34 and came in 33rd coming close to her record,
Shae ran a 9:07 which was really good.
And little Teijah ran a 9:27 breaking her record.
This is our second year of competing really seriously. I have seen a huge difference in the kids. Last year Kemonterious was a afraid to even practice because he didn’t want to lose, he had no confidence and
didn’t really understand his talent. This year he begs to run all the time. He can’t wait to race because he believes he can do it. He is even helping the new kids. Last week I heard him tell LaMario you got to start running harder, the only thing stopping you from winning isn’t your body it’s your mind. I used to say that to him all last year. It is so good to see them finally believing in themselves. To see them wanting to practice and wanting to beat their times. They rejoice for each other when they break their records.
I love that.
I want to thank Coach Steve, Jackie and Jodene for really helping with techniques and their enthusiasm for for the sport.
Thank you Meribeth for coming and cheering on Team Obasi. It means a lot to the kids to have someone there to watch them.
Miss Brenda

I was nervous once we got there. Then we heard a gun shot and we started running.
We ran fast and I was running with Jackie.
In the middle of the race I was praying help me run faster.
I heard Miss Brenda yelling, go, go, go faster. And I did.
Then when at the end I got a golden necklace.
Teijah age 6

The State Farm run was the biggest thing of my life. Man I was doing good and I beat my record big time. I got third place. I was so tired I had to ask Jodene to hold me up.
During the race I was slowing down but I started to pray and I wasn’t tired any more. I was praying that God would please help me and not make me slow but fast.
I learned to try my hardest to get better at it.
Kemonterious age 10

Today was our State Farm race and I was really nervous because it was my first time racing.
It was fun because we kept practicing everyday. I was praying when I was running that God would help me win this race and help me to get a medal and I got it. I was really tired when the race was over I hardly could walk because I was that tired. We took a picture when we was done.
I had to carry Teijah all the way to the car. She was pretty heavy.
I am really glad I got to run in the race because it was really fun. From coach Steve I learned to keep my arms back and forth and don’t give up.
Shae age 10

When we got to the farm race we had to wait for 20 minutes until the race started. Then bam the gun went off and everybody ran so fast that I thought it was a stampede. At the end of the race I was so exhausted I felt like fainting.
I learned that when it gets to the end of the race I need sprint so hard that I feel sick.
Alexis age 10

Today was the state farm race and it was super fun. When I first took off I was so excited that I might have pasted 2 or 3 people. I think I gave the race all I had. I got nervous and took my glasses off during the race to wipe the rain off. The last part everyone was cheering for me. I never had people cheer for me before it was so cool. I also broke my record. I learned that you give it all you got and never give up.
LaMario age 11


chris said...

I am so proud of all of you. I love to get on the blog and read about your day. It makes me rejoice and praise God for who He is and for who all of you are, His children. Thank you for helping me to see God today.