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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

On The Job.

I have been thinking about having a career in radiology.
Today I got to go job shadow the awesome ladies in the radiology unit at Saint Elizabeth Hospital. It was so great I got to see a lot of cool stuff.
When I had first got there they didn’t have much for me to sit in on and watch them do, so I got to go see what a PET scan was which is like a CT scan which is like a CAT scan which I still have no idea what the difference is, except I do know that a PET scan has nothing to do with a pet and a CAT scan has nothing to do with a cat.
Today I learned that when the techs are taking a x-ray they have to put some clear dye in the body to light up all the blood vessels and the patients who are getting x-rays have to drink something that lines their stomach so that it will show up better when the x-rays come out.
I also got to sit in on some MRI’S which are x-rays with a great big magnet. There were some pictures of some lower backs that you could see all the disks in the back. I also got to see some pictures of a brain and of a head.
When that was all done I got to go see an iv put into someone’s arm. I got to go look at all the different units in the hospital. We then went to the burn unit but we didn’t stay long because I got a little sick.
After taking the tour I think that radiology is a great job for me to get into. I liked the people there and I really think the work is interesting.
I would just like to thank the nice ladies that showed me around and I would like to thank Beth Carlson for making it all work out, Jonella Eisentreger for showing me around, Oh and Miss Brenda for staying on my backside to job shadow.

Bye For Now


chris said...

A hospital is a great work environment. You would, I mean WILL, do well there.